August Empties!

I think I was just wondering around my shelves of product unable to stick to one thing which has resulted in the fewest number of empties to date! Then again, some are better than none right? So, let’s get started!


1. AG Hair Cosmetics Firewall Argan Flat Iron Spray (187mL)Thumbs up

I really like this stuff because it’s quite light and leaves my hair very smooth after straightening. I would be open to trying something else like the much cheaper Tresemme hair protector, but I would still want this product around…just in case!

2. Lush Limited Edition Shower Gel in Snow Fairy (100g)Thumbs up

OMG, this stuff smells soooooo good! Candy floss and pear drops. The scent doesn’t get better than that! I have been using this travel size quite sparingly and I will patiently wait until the holiday season to get more!

3. Arbonne Body Lotion in Awaken (59mL)Thumbs down

I received this from an Arbonne rep during a spa treatment that my mom won and yes it’s moisturizing, smells good and has all good ingredients, but I don’t want to have to go through an Arbonne rep to get this again and I believe ordering online has shipping of around $12.95. I enjoyed this moisturizer, but I don’t love it enough to fight for it. I have other ones that I love just as much if not more.

4. skoah Body Lotion in Smooth Talk (30mL)Thumbs down

I love skoah, you all know I do, but the berry scent of this moisturizer was not something I would particularly gravitate to. Berries can be hit or miss with me and this is unfortunately a miss.

5. inm Out the Door Top Coat (15mL)Thumbs up

I had to finally call it quits on this bottle because it was just so gummy and unusable towards the end that not even Seche Restore could fix. I love this stuff though and have MANY more bottles lining up to be used!


6. Algenist Triple Action Micropolish and Peel (3mL)Thumbs down

I thought the consistency was kind of strange, but maybe my sample was too old since I’ve had it for about 2 years…it smelled like there were a lot of chemical reactions going on in the peel itself (very EXOTHERMIC!). It was all just too strange for me and I didn’t want to further expose my skin to it.

7. Boscia BB Cream (5mL)Thumbs up

I decided to try a sample from Sephora before deciding to buy and I quite liked it! As a comparison, I found this BB cream lighter in consistency than the Marcelle BB Cream, but with SPF 27. I used it quite a bit in the summer when the thought of anything on my face was unthinkable and ended up buying the full size later.

8. La Fresh Instant Body Smoother Wet Wipe (1 wipe)Thumbs down

I’ve talked about these before and I just don’t get them…they didn’t refresh me at all and after the minty feeling left my skin, I just felt like there was a sticky residue on my skin.

9. Etude House Collagen Moistful Firming Eye Cream (2mL)Thumbs up

I received this from Alice of W2Beauty and I really liked it because it’s a thicker and very hydrating eye cream which I prefer. I have two thick eye creams to go through at the moment which I enjoy so when I run out of those, I’ll pick this up!

10. Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths (25 Cloths)Thumbs down

I was so disappointed with this product because Soap & Glory products are always so amazing, but these cleansing cloths didn’t leave my skin feeling clean at all! The scent is absolutely wonderful which is why I’m even more sad! The scent reminds me of fresh laundry, but a little bit sweeter.

11. The Body Shop Tea Tree Gel (2.5mL)Thinking smile

I like the wand and the fact that I can spot treat any blemishes, but it is kind of expensive for the amount of product you get in each bottle. Instead, I have just a bottle of tea tree oil that will probably do the same thing. The gel was more or less just a convenience and also felt nice and cool when applied.

12. fresh Brown Sugar Brown Sugar Fragrance (10mL)Thumbs up

I should have just gotten the large size of this fragrance because it is utterly delicious! Everything fresh smells amazing and Brown Sugar is no exception!

13. Violet Oasis Therapeutic Body Butter in Orange, Vanilla and Fennel (7.4mL)Thumbs up

I love orange and vanilla so scent-wise, this body butter was fantastic. It also wasn’t too heavy or too light on the hydration and I enjoyed using it that ONE time! I would actually love a larger bottle of this later on!

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