WishTrend | Wish Box Plus Other Korean Makeup Goodies!

I am going crazy with Korean beauty products at the moment and my latest discovery is WishTrend and the Wish Box. The minute I saw the words “Wish Box”, my beauty antennae perked up and I knew I had to get just one. Each one is limited edition with a theme that consists of a variety of products and brands. What I love about WishTrend is that I am seeing brands that I have never heard of before. You’re not going to see brands like Etude House and Skinfood on this site. The only brand I recognized from WishTrend is Skin79 which really excited me because I have been curious to try brands other than the “popular” ones we’re used to seeing.

So, does anyone want to see what was in the Wish Box? I know you must be dying of suspense because even I wanted to see all the products in the flesh! The Wish Box came wrapped in a silver bag with 5 items inside.



Lyramoa | Water Drop Mineral Powder

This was a mystery item and is a loose mineral powder that has a refreshing cooling effect on the skin. It is a cooling powder that soaks up extra sebum and apparently hydrates the skin with water droplets! I haven’t tried it yet, but I am curious to see how these water droplets work!


OST | Refining Teatree Mist (Face/Body)

I am actually a big user of tea tree oil to fight blemishes so a mist would be a great way to prevent/eliminate blemishes on large areas like the back and chest.

KLAIRS | Gentle Moist Aloe Gel

Something soothing to use on your face after a day in the sun and has green tea extract in it to reduce sebum secretion and make pores appear smaller. I haven’t seen the sun in days now, so I don’t know when I’ll be using this for now…I think I need to go somewhere hot and sunny soon. Honeymoon, maybe?

SKIN&LAB | Dr.Vita Clinic : Fre-C Sun Protector

This is a multi-action sun protector that has Vitamin C and E in it (anti-aging) and carries an SPF of 50. It is supposed to last 24 hours and has a bit of whitening effect as well like a lot of Asian cosmetics.

KLAIRS | Rich Moist Soothing Mask

As you all know, I am obsessed with sheet masks so I can’t wait to use this!


BRILLIANT | Love Heart Lip Care 3 Step System

I thought this was so cool! It’s basically a lip care kit with an exfoliant lip mask, followed by a lip gel patch finished up with pink, glossy moisturizing lip essence. And everything is so pink and cute!


TOSOWOONG | Nothing Is Impossible Remover Liquid

No real reason for getting this other than out of sheer curiosity and because it’s pink. It also was what I needed to give me free shipping.


[LASSIE'EL] Juicy Kiwi

This just looked delicious to pass up!


And of course samples! I love samples from Asian cosmetics sites! There are always plenty and the packaging is usually pretty unique. My experience with the WishTrend was very positive and the site itself is quite attractive and pleasant to use, with a ton of selection and free shipping over $70! The computer scientist in me was very pleased with the user experience! I love the amount of information included with every product especially when it comes to directions on using products as I cannot read Korean and can only guess at the directions at times! I would definitely order from WishTrend again especially if there is another Wish Box that comes out! I am psyched to have found another Korean cosmetics site to shop from and just had to share it with all of you if you haven’t heard of it already!

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