Review | BA Star Mineral Eye Shadow in Chocolate Star Dust

My foray into eye make up really began with mineral eye shadow. I loved how easily it blended and with a primer, how long it lasted on my lids. Call me sentimental, but to this day, I still prefer loose and powder eye shadows to creams ones. I recently got to know a brand called BA*STAR that is a #1 make up brand with cheerleaders, dancers and competitors that obviously need to sparkle from afar during performances! The BA*STAR product line includes: glitter, eye shadows, mascaras, blushes, lip pencils and lip gloss and even cosmetic bags and glittery head bands!


I was recently able to try out a BA*STAR Mineral Eye Shadow in the shade Chocolate Star Dust which is TOTALLY a colour I would wear if not wear already! There are eight other gorgeous shades of Star Dust available so there is certainly something for everyone. For extra hold, it is recommended that all Star Dusts be used with the Body Shimmer Base which is a white liquid primer that dries to a clear non-sticky finish. 






Such a rich shimmery brown!


Price: $8.75 USD/5oz

Packaging: Twist off jar with sifter on top.

Formula: I think the glitter and amount of shimmer in this eye shadow made it feel a little bit more gritty than other mineral eye shadows I have tried. It was still highly blendable though and I was easily able to use my fingers to apply the product to my skin. You can see in the picture that both swatches are highly pigmented, but the swatch with the shimmer base underneath definitely has an extra *POP* to it! These swatches were just one finger swipe so a little bit of Star Dust goes a long way! The colour is also a wonderful shade of brown that would look gorgeous on any girl!

Final Verdict: I was pleasantly surprised in the colour assortment (although I wish there were some greens and blues in there!) and how pigmented the Star Dust was with so little product. The primer allowed the Star Dust to hold quite firmly to the skin so if you plan on doing anything particular active, I fully believe that your eye makeup will stay in place!

Now, I would purchase more colours, but unfortunately we run into the case of the “I live in Canada, therefore shipping is a total bitch” scenario. At least shipping to Canada starts at $19.96 so if you and a friend want to place an order together and split the shipping, then it won’t seem like quite the added expense. If you do live in the US, shipping is free on all orders of $55 or more so lucky you guys! If it weren’t for the shipping, I would have gotten more colours, but Chocolate Star Dust will unfortunately be my only one. Thankfully there is quite a bit of product in each sifter jar so I won’t be running out of this anytime soon!

For those of you who now must have any or ALL of these Star Dusts, use the code “BBDUST” to get a whopping 50% off your order!


PR samples sent to me for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are of course my own!

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