SeasonsBox | July 2013 “Get In Touch With Nature”

I write this SeasonsBox review with a bit of a heavy subscription heart as Seasonsbox will no longer be shipping to Canadians despite its Canadian origins. Founder, Agnes Kozera, decided to go to law school a few months ago resulting in the switch to America-centric operations. Ever since the switch, I have had a field day with shipping times and receiving multiple boxes of one month and missing some all together. The wait time for inquiries has grown from 48 hours to close to 1.5 weeks for me! Not that I’m complaining, but I received TWO July boxes, the other of which I gave away. I just hope that I didn’t deprive someone else of a box…at any rate, yet another Canadian subscription bites the dust…now that I’ve thoroughly depressed you all, let’s see what I received for July’s Seasonsbox shall we?

Edit: Sept.3/13 Seasonsbox has announced on their Facebook page that they WILL be shipping to Canadians once again. Shipping fees will vary and because their site is down have yet to be released.


Pura Vida | Hippie Hair TiesDSC_0028

Whether you use them as hair ties or layer them as bracelets, these hippie accessories are a must have for outdoor fun. They are durable, comfortable and absolutely beautiful. Each set comes in a pack of 5 fashionable colour combinations and the elastic lace detailing adds a touch of chick glamour.

Thoughts: They are very cute and even though they’re not the tightest hair ties, they are nice for keeping my hair out of the way when I sleep at night. Pure Vida accessories are also hand crafted by craftsmen in Costa Rica so it’s nice to know that using these supports a worthy cause.

I received: 1 pack/$10

Bella Organics | Dead Sea Mineral Mud MaskDSC_0029

Go ahead and get dirty! Mud from the Dead Sea is very rich in minerals that are known for beautifying and healing skin. When the mask dries, toxins that may be present in your skin cells are drawn out. To use it apply a small amount to your face or body, let dry, rinse off and follow up with moisturizer.

Thoughts: This smells so potent and very earthy. Just like real mud!

I received: 1 jar/$10.82

Wild Mountain Raw Foods | Snack PackDSC_0031

Get in touch with your wild side! This gourmet vegan snack celebrates the connection between personal health and wild lands. So alive and colourful, this snack is sure to give you a surge of energy when you need it the most!

Thoughts: These are actually quite yummy! I snack ALL THE TIME at work. I’m like a rabbit, I can never eat large meals and tend to eat multiple times a day so healthy snacks are welcome!

I received: 57g/$3.50

Nibnaks | Crancherry TartDSC_0032

This super healthy and delicious fruit snacks is a handful of goodness. With perfectly measured serving sizes Nibnaks is the perfect treat to pack for an outdoor adventure.

Thoughts: These were very yummy which is why I don’t have a group picture of all the products in July’s Seasonsbox! I loved the dried cherries! So juicy even though they’re dried!

I received: I pack/$2.19

Made from Earth | Pure Aloe Vera Skin TreatmentDSC_0030

Thoughts: This product wasn’t even on my product card, but it smells very refreshing. It says to leave in the fridge for an extra cooling effect which sounds wonderful if you have a headache or achy muscles.

I received: 2oz/$14.99


Total Value of July Seasonsbox: $41.50

I wasn’t too thrilled with the July box as I feel like food is a really cheap option…There is nothing all that interesting to me in this box to warrant the ~$35 I’ve paid for this Seasonsbox. After this box, I actually emailed to cancel my subscription. This was just too unimpressive for me to justify continuing my subscription, but I guess it was already the beginning of the end of Seasonsbox for me. I’ll have the August box for you all soon (that I wasn’t even supposed to get) and it’s much better than the July one!

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