Kiss and Makeup | Open in North Vancouver PLUS Makeup Look Featuring Vancouver brand RMS Beauty!

Kiss and Makeup, a local fashion and beauty haven founded by Heather Huntingford, has recently made the move to my ‘hood of North Vancouver to entice, delight and thrill us with local, hard-to-find and just awesome brands with great messages behind them. Upon entering, the first thing I noticed was the wood floor and the salvaged display pieces that immediately made me feel at home. Taking a closer look at the product selection, I noticed right away that Kiss and Makeup carries brands that are what I would consider TOP NOTCH including: RMS Beauty, Ilia, Tata Harper, Ellis Faas, Vincent Longo, Principessa Beauty, fresh, Oribe, Deborah Lippmann and even Anne Sportun jewellery!

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I am not normally on the Mason jar bandwagon, but I ADORE these neon painted ones!



RMS Beauty is an international cosmetics brand founded by North Vancouver’s very own Rose-Marie Swift, a world renowned makeup artist. She developed RMS Beauty after experiencing inexplicable health issues with her test results showing toxic levels of heavy metals in her blood. A technician asked her if she worked in the cosmetics industry and the rest is history. She made it her goal to create a makeup line that was truly organic and safe. You should see this list of ingredients and the thought that has gone into the presence of each one in every product. Even the Vitamin E that is used is Non-GMO and soy-free. I didn’t even know that this was an issue, but I can see how it would be important for some.

So, are you curious about the look the lovely Misa created for me?

Cosmetic Proof Jayne Lim


For my undereye circles and redness around my nose, we used RMS Beauty’s “un cover-up” in #22 which is incredibly blendable and creamy thanks to coconut oil, beeswax and cocoa seed butter. I was quite impressed with the coverage because we used only the tiniest sliver! For the rest of my face we used Ellis Faas Foundation in 103L although I would have been comfortable with just using un cover-up on areas of my face that needed it.

On the tops of my cheekbones we used an amazing product called “living luminizer” that gave my skin the most natural highlight and again we used just a tiny sliver and dotted across the cheekbone. For blush, we used cream-based “lip2cheek” in the colour demure, which is a soft pink rose with a hint of mauve. From the name you can probably guess that this is also a wonderful finish for the lips as well.

For my non-existent eyebrows, we used Geisha Liquid Eyebrow Liner in Dark Hair to literally draw in hair. This is a great little pen for those of us that need some extra “oomph” in the eyebrow department!

For the eyes, we used a combination of “cream eye polishes” Lunar, a champagne pearl shimmer, and Magnetic, a taupe/silver with a hint of mauve. What I love about these eye polishes is that they are also meant to be moisturizing for dry or aging eyelids as they are meant to be worked into the eyelid similarly to moisturizer. They contain vitamin E, rosemary extract and jojoba seed oil. However, they are not creaseproof as to avoid use of synthetic chemicals so I would use a primer if you’re looking for all-day wear. Finally we added some Echo’s Eyelashes.

To finish my mauve-themed look, we used the glossiest lip gloss I have ever seen in the form of Vincent Longo’s Ciao!

Thank you so much to Misa and Kiss and Makeup for introducing me to the store and RMS Beauty! Everyone come and check out the store, pick up some goodies and even get your makeup done! For those of you that don’t know why you’d come out “all this way”, go do the Grouse Grind while you’re here.

Kiss and Makeup is located at 1760 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver.

Makeup service was complimentary, but this review is unsponsored.

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