Finesse | Keratin Protein Dry Shampoo

I officially have a new favourite dry shampoo in the form of Finesse Keratin Protein Dry Shampoo ($4.49 CDN)! Dry shampoo has saved almost all of us from flat, lifeless hair in the mornings and now that I have tried a few different brands, it takes something extra special for me to really like one. This Finesse dry shampoo is a clear spray that has one of the stronger “blasts” I’ve experienced. The formula promises to absorb oil without leaving behind a chalky residue and most importantly nourish hair leaving it looking healthy and shiny.

Finesse Keratin Protein Dry Shampoo

Final Verdict: Whenever I skip just ONE day of washing my hair my scalp always feels itchy. I don’t know why, but it’s almost like my scalp is addicted to getting shampooed every day. Very few dry shampoos have alleviated this sensation which is why I only skip washing my hair unless I really have to. This canister needs a very good shake before delivering a good spray, but once it does, I forget that all I’ve done is use dry shampoo and not actually washed my hair! My roots actually look fresh and I don’t feel itchy!

The scent reminds me of fresh linen and although I have not noticed whether the presence of keratin protein has made my hair stronger, the combination of whatever is in this can of Finesse has made my hair look fresh, shiny and ready to go one more round minus the actual act of hair washing! For 150g of product, this dry shampoo is incredibly well-priced so I would highly recommend giving Finesse Keratin Protein Dry Shampoo a try!

PR sample sent for review. All thoughts are mine and mine alone.

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