So…? Fragrance | So…? Sinful Body Fragrance and Eau de Toilette

When I was 16, I would never have had the money to spend $75 on a fragrance and I KNOW my parents would never have indulged me. Heck, if they knew how much I’ve spent on fragrance now they’d probably flip, but I do think they would approve of the So…? Fragrance line. So…? Sinful Eau de Toilette is just $9.99 and the matching Body Fragrance $4.99. I don’t think it gets much better than that!

With top notes of pineapple and mint, heart notes of violet and strawberry and base notes of vanilla, praline and musk, this is the sort of fragrance that is very feminine, but a little flirty at the same time.

So Sinful

So Sinful Body Fragrance

In order for the scent to last longest, first spray on the So…? Sinful Body Fragrance wherever you feel like being scented. I usually do my pulse points, just inside my elbow and my neck area. The spray is dispensed in a very fine, focused, high pressure mist.

So Sinful Eau de Toilette

Follow up with a few spritzes of the Eau de Toilette and you’re all set!

Final Verdict: I can definitely attest to these two products needing each other. I used just the body spray alone and the scent was gone within 1-2 hours. The eau de toilette lasted longer on its own at around 2-3 hours, but did fade quite quickly. Fragrance is very personal and we all detect different parts of a scent. When I sniff So…? Sinful on a swatch stick, I can detect the mint, but once I wear it I smell mainly vanilla and praline. The base notes of all things! It is a very sweet scent which we often attribute to a younger person which is where this line is definitely targeted to. I would have liked this scent when I was younger and I actually would enjoy it now as a body lotion or bath product. The entire So…? Fragrance line is very affordable and is the perfect price point for that younger girl just starting her fragrance collection. This duo would definitely have been on my dresser next to my One Direction Makeup tin!

Do you remember your first fragrance?

PR sample sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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