shu uemura | Petal Lash Mascara in Intense Black

I have tried so many mascaras. It seems to be the one thing that is always in a bag of samples or a gift with purchase, but shu uemura’s petal lash mascara ($29.00 CDN) is different. With a manoeuvrable pink blossom applicator (it really is pink!) that is able to catch even the tiniest of lashes, a super light formula that doesn’t weigh them down and the scent of Sakura blossoms, this mascara needs to be on your radar.

shu uemura Petal Lash Mascara in Intense Black

shu uemura Petal Lash Mascara in Intense Black (2)

I love the taper and twist of the wand. It’s fairly small compared to a lot of the mascara wands out there with the widest point being 3.5mm and the tip 2mm. I love the control I get from a wand of this size as some wands can get somewhat unwieldy especially when I can’t see my eye anymore because the wand is just so damn big.


shu uemura Petal Lash Mascara in Intense Black (3)

Final Verdict: I wish the pictures did this mascara more justice because my lashes still look pretty sparse.

Curl: I don’t curl my lashes so the rice bran wax complex was light enough to keep my lashes from drooping. My lashes stayed perky all day so I’m sure if you curl your lashes the curl will hold when using petal lash.

Length and Definition: The formula definitely separates and defines lashes, but I feel like my lashes look a bit sparse close-up. I got a little bit of extra length with 1 coat and if I do 2-3 coats I can achieve some fairly long lashes.

Volume: Volume was one thing that I felt was lacking. I applied slowly from root to tip and just wasn’t quite able to get the lift I wanted.

I really LOVE the wand and the scent of Sakura blossoms, but I feel like I would either have to pair this mascara with a more volumizing mascara or use this as a more casual mascara when I’m looking for defined lashes without too much “pomp”. I didn’t realize this when I first used it, but this mascara is also waterproof and doesn’t leave lashes feeling hard and crunchy. It seriously does not budge! I washed my face and nothing happened to my mascara at all! $29 is a lot to pay for a mascara that doesn’t check all the boxes so I can’t say if I would recommend this to everyone. If you have lashes already, the wand and formula will probably suit you better. I will admit that I have opted to use this mascara over others in my collection just based on how much more comfortable I feel with the wand!

What do you value most in a mascara?

PR sample sent for review. All thoughts and eyelashes are my own!

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