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Does your face feel tight after washing it? Chances are, your skin type is dry and that feeling of tightness is a commonly described symptom. When your skin is in need of hydration, what better way to pacify it than with a drink – Skin Drink ($45 CDN), that is. This is a sesame oil-based moisturizer that uses avocado, rose and aloe vera extract to keep skin soft and supple while blasting it with the moisture it so desperately needs!

Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer

Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer

Creamy, cafe goodness!

Final Verdict: When I compare Skin Drink to my review of Celestial, there are are some definite differences. Skin Drink has a much lighter consistency and was quicker to absorb into my skin than was Celestial. Similarly to Celestial, a little does go a long way as this moisturizer is incredibly spreadable and covers quite a bit of ground with just a pinky tip of an amount. I also found Skin Drink to be relatively fragrance-free which might be preferable for some of you. I was expecting a nutty scent just based on colour and description, but it is actually relatively neutral.

How did Skin Drink work for me? Better than Celestial, but it was STILL too much for my skin as my skin got a little congested a week into using it. My skin usually drinks up moisturizers like this one, but now that it’s summer, I may just have to wait until winter to give Skin Drink a fair chance. Your skin needs do change from season to season and for me personally, I have discovered that when it’s warmer and more humid, my skin needs oil-free moisturizers or one that is oil-based, but very lightweight. Skin Drink is a great moisturizer for anyone who is suffering from dry skin right or lives in a drier climate and enjoys a moisturizer without much of a scent and goes a long way!

PR sample sent for review.

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