Neon Star Studded Night Sky Nail Art

It’s time for the Born Pretty Store to save the day and make nail art that much more fun and interesting. Even though some of the products I feature from Born Pretty are sent for review, I was buying from them long before my affiliation with them. It is only because I trust their product quality as a consumer that I feel comfortable working with them to show you all just how great their products are! Today I am featuring some pretty amazing neon star studs that I have been coveting for months! They look like candy and I just wanna eat ‘em right up!

Neon Star Nail Studs (3)

Neon Star Nail Studs (5)

The stud wheel comes with both matte neon star and round studs so you can get the best of both worlds. I personally use round studs more so I’m glad these were included.

Neon Star Nail Studs (2)

Neon Star Nail Studs

Neon Star Nail Studs (4)

I did not top coat the stars so you could all see that they do have a matte finish to them. However, if you would like your stars to not get lost in your sheets while you sleep (*ahem* I’m still looking for a few) top coat them and they will last a few days. To adhere them to your nails, you can either use tweezers or a wax pencil to place them onto wet polish/top coat. I dotted on some silver polish to fill up any bare areas and that was it!


PR sample sent for review. This post contains affiliate links.

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