Petit Vour | May 2014 “La Vie Est Belle” Edition

Let’s have weekends be all about beauty boxes and time to catch up on beauty mail, shall we? I have been subscribed to at least 5 beauty boxes since 2011 and I decided to do something drastic this month and cancel all of them. That’s right. All of them. I still have the Julep one because it seems like a hassle to have to call, but I am part of that group of Mavens that can skip boxes any time so I have skipped August and will keep doing so unless something utterly amazing appears. August will be my last Petit Vour box (for now) so starting with May, we will catch up!

Petit Vour May

AROMI | Lippie in Red

Petit Vour May Aromi

Elevate your style by adding a pop of rich colour to your lips. Bright, vibrant, fun-loving and lip-quenching, your new favourite lippie is handcrafted from scratch and formulated with only the finest raw materials.

Thoughts: This red is VERY vibrant and glossy. I am gonna look sexy in this!

Full size: 4g/$15.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Deep Steep | Hand Cream in Grapefruit Bergamot

Petit Vour May Deep Steep

Our go-to hand cream nourishes hands with enriched moisturizers targeted to restore softness. We think of it as the perfect elixir for thirsty skin.

Thoughts: This smells SO GOOD and there are a number of other scents I would LOVE to try such as Rosemary Mint and Brown Sugar Vanilla!

Full size: 59mL/$10.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Harvey Prince | Hello Fragrance

Petit Vour May Harvey Prince

Say HELLO to the chicest spring fragrance. Inspired by sunshine and gardens of blossoming flowers, Hello is the perfect warm weather scent. The energizing blend of citrus and floral notes is breezy, Spring-y and perky to boot.

Thoughts: It starts off floral and then becomes citrusy which I love! Fragrance is so personal and this has now become one of my favourite scents to wear this summer. The top notes are Meyer lemon, mandarin and grapefruit, followed by forsythia and plumeria flowers. I will definitely consider getting this in the full size!

Full size: 50mL/$55.00

I received: 2mL/$2.20

Paula’s Choice | Resist C15 Super Booster

Petit Vour May Paula's Choice

Every makeup bag needs a superhero, so let us introduce the ultimate skin saviour: C15. Give your major boost by dabbing 2-3 drops to clean, dried skin. For skin that’s smooth, bright, and tight – C15 is just the ticket.

Thoughts: We know that Vitamin C can brighten up dull skin, but as tough as my skin is, I actually hesitate with using products with a lot of vitamin C in them as my skin actually gets quite red if I use it too often.

Full size: 20mL/$45.00

I received: 3.5mL/$7.88

Total Value of May PV: $35.08

The box costs $23 to Canadians so this is not one of the higher value boxes, but to be honest I thought the hand cream would cost more than $10! I love discovering all of these lovely vegan beauty brands so even though I have stopped my subscription for now, I would definitely consider going back once I whittle down my sample stash a bit more.

Do you enjoy learning about other vegan beauty brands?

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