HAIR | *NEW* Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler Review + Video Demonstration

One of my beauty weaknesses is hair. Short of washing it, I really don’t understand it. The only “styling” I am truly familiar with is straightening because it’s practically fool-proof so now that I have ombred hair, I feel like it looks best when curled. There are a lot of hair gadgets out there that promise hassle-free curling with some looking utterly terrifying. I will admit that I had similar feelings of anxiety when faced with the newest in hair-curling technology in the form of the KISS InstaWave*($59.99 USD).

Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler

Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler (2)

I have both a traditional curling iron as well as a wand and I have had accidents with both whenever I attempt to wind my hair around the barrel. The Kiss InstaWave is fully automated so the curling action is all taken care of. I also tend to get confused with which direction the curls should face when I switch from my left to right side so something I haven’t seen before is the presence of a “curl dial” which you can press to determine which direction the barrel will rotate. All I can say is thank you KISS for making THAT part easier!

Kiss Instawave

You can see that the curls created are fairly loose. I like my curls mainly at the bottom so I position the wand at about ear level. There are two heat settings: low and high with a maximum temperature of 420°F. I used the high setting, as the low did nothing at all to my hair, for about 8 seconds. There is also an automatic shut off after 90 minutes which I didn’t think would be all that important but I have left a straightener on all day in the apartment before so…

Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler (3)

The Kiss InstaWave promises tangle-free curls which is for the most part true as long as you separate and curl each section away from the rest of your hair. As you will see in my amateur video demonstration, the automatic curling action WILL gather ANYTHING in its proximity. When I first used it, I held the barrel too close to the rest of my hair and I ended up with an awful rat’s nest.

After one or two tries, you will get the feel of how to use this tool. I have been using a flat iron to curl my hair and lemme tell ya, the learning curve on THAT is quite steep. With the InstaWave, you will have a perfectly coiffed head of curls the first time you use it. These photos, were all on my first time. You can see that my right side has slightly more defined curls, but overall my hair looks decent.

Use hairspray to keep your curls lasting longer because I found that with a flat iron, my curls stay tight and defined for up to 3 days without any touch-ups. With the InstaWave, by the end of the day the curls will loosen even with hairspray. By day 2, my hair just looked like it had a lot of body which was nice in itself. I should add that this tool does not eliminate as much frizz as a flat iron would even though the barrel does use ceramic technology.

Final Verdict: The relative ease of using the InstaWave has convinced me to keep this out on the counter when I just want some loose curls and extra body in my hair. I also don’t have to worry about burning myself which is a huge plus because it’s something I still worry about when using  flat iron.

If I had a young daughter I would trust this tool in her hands because once you position your hair around the barrel, it’s pretty much all automated from there. Your hands aren’t in the picture anymore. I thought this gadget was a total success and I’ve had numerous compliments on my hair when curled with the InstaWave. I know everyone has their preference when it comes to hair tools, but for a hair noob like myself, this one’s a keeper!

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