SUBSCRIPTION BOX | TOM Box - The Monthly Period Box (Yes, You Read That Right!)

There is a subscription box for EVERYTHING right now from beauty to crafts to even ones for your own pets! I shouldn’t have been too surprised when I saw a monthly menstrual cycle box, but there was/is a small part of me that still says, “really?” What’s interesting is that around that Time of the Month (TOM) I make my monthly trip to London Drugs and pick up what are seemingly random items only to realize that I have picked up pads, chocolate, chips and nail polish.

The idea of the TOMBox* is to have these “supplies” anticipated for and have them show up at your doorstep ready for your cravings! Unfortunately, I just saw that this box is unavailable to Canadians…sorry us!

The homepage is a little cheesy with Christina Aguilera lyrics at the ready.

SwaagBox Tombox Review Unboxing (8)

SwaagBox Tombox Review Unboxing (7)

Shipping is built into the price with the 6 month plan being the best value.

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You can personalize your TOMBox by selecting your favourite brand of tampons or pads (Always, Playtex, Kotex or Tampax), choosing your skin type (fair, medium or dark) and your style (trendy, classic, natural). You can also choose add-ons like double the amount of makeup and jewelry or Gillette Venus cartridges.

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Inside is a glossy card showing me what is inside my TOMBox with this one having the 2x makeup and jewelry option.

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I like Kotex best out of the brands offered and still cannot get used to tampons (I know, how crazy am I?)

Value: $4.99

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The candy that was included were three Halloween treat sized bars of chocolate. I would need WAY more than this to satisfy my chocolate cravings!

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The earrings were not my style at all and had a listed value of $19.95 which is VERY overpriced. After working in fine jewelry for a decade, I know what things actually cost and even with the consumer markup, $20 is pushing it. This kind of stuff really isn’t my thing which is why I always think it’s very risky to include fashion jewelry in any type of subscription service.

Value: $39.90

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I received an array of makeup items with brands like Wet n Wild, Prestige Cosmetics, L’Oreal and Maybelline.

Value: $31.98

SwaagBox Tombox Review Unboxing

Final Value of TOMBox: $76.87 USD

I know some women really like the TOMBoxes, but I found the earrings to be over-valued and somewhat flimsy in construction. I have seen some great costume jewelry commanding a much lower price. The selection of drugstore makeup was well-rounded and items I would have purchased myself which was a plus. I go through pads quite slowly because I have very short periods so getting feminine hygiene supplies monthly would be a bit much and just based on that, I personally would have to pass on the TOMBox.

How many of you would be interested in a subscription like this?

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