EYELASH REVIEW | Femme Fatale Designer Lashes in Femme Fatales

For those of you that have been following my foray into makeup looks, you will know that I recently started incorporating false lashes into my FOTDs. They are still an incredible challenge for me to use, but I just LOVE how transformative they can be. I feel like when I put lashes on, I go from “zero to hero” which no mascara can do. There are varying levels of quality when it comes to lashes with mink being the creme of the crop (so I’ve heard). I have never used or even touched mink lashes until now!

Femme Fatale Lashes in Femme Fatales Look Review

Femme Fatale Lashes Look Review

Femme Fatale Designer Mink Lashes are handmade with 100% cruelty-free mink fur and can be used up to 25 times which is insane! Each set of lashes comes in its own hard-cased cardboard box with the inspirational words “Hello Gorgeous!” right on the inside of the case.

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These lashes are in the style Femme Fatales*($30.00) and are sort of a classic staple style when it comes to false eyelashes. These were still like “WOW” for me when I put them on, but they seemed the most demure out of the selection. These lashes also do not come with lash glue, but you can purchase some on the Femme Fatale website.

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The eyelashes themselves have a very solid lash band and maintain a beautiful curve even with quite a bit of tweaking. I have found that with inexpensive lashes, the lash band can actually flatten out or get a bit of wave, making it more difficult to apply (at least for a newbie like myself).

Let’s see the difference just ONE of these eyelashes makes!

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I should just walk around like this, right?

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Since the lash band is relatively solid, I made the mistake of placing the lashes a little too close to the inner corner of my eye which made it hurt to blink. I like having my lashes start as close to the inner part of my eye as possible which might not be correct, but I like the way it looks. I suffered through the discomfort and eventually forgot about it. Beauty sacrifices all the way.

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Don’t they look so gorgeous?!

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Final Verdict: Oh, totally buy a pair! Yes, they are a little more expensive than the ones you pick up at the drugstore, but they ARE mink and 25 uses for $30 sounds completely reasonable to me. I’m sure if you clean them after each use, you can have these for quite awhile. I can feel the quality in every aspect of these lashes from the solid lash band to the way the individual lashes bounce back when I run my fingers through them. Just like a REAL set of lashes! For a style of eyelash that you would wear all the time, I would definitely fork out the cash. I know for some people, wearing eyelashes is just as essential as wearing blush or mascara so for eyelash-less people like myself, “investing” in a good pair of eyelashes can be a must!

False eyelashes? Too much trouble or absolute necessity?

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