ROUND UP | Winter Must Haves!

I was prepared for Winter this year. I knew it was coming and I made sure I was adequately prepared with the appropriate supplies. Winter is when my skin starts to complain and practically screech for moisture. All I do is give in with a couple of these current face and body favourites(!)

Winter Must Haves Review First Aid Beauty Lypsyl Philosophy Yardley Crabtree

Philosophy | The Microexfoliating Treatment*

I will have a more detailed review of this coming soon, but one thing I’ve noticed people don’t like doing when they start seeing dry patches on their skin is EXFOLIATING. A lot of the time, dry patches can be eliminated by just giving your skin a good exfoliation treatment.

This is a two step treatment that is done just once a week. The first step is to apply a small amount of the vitamin C peptide crystals which is a very coarse scrub that you massage on dry skin for about 60s. The second step is known as the “activating gel” which contains lactic and salicylic acid and causes a small amount of foaming and heat to be released. Lactic acid is a fruit-based chemical exfoliator while the salicylic acid cleans out pores. Try it out for yourself in Sephora on your hands. You will see a difference right away! Your skin will be brighter and smoother!

Lypsyl | Intensive Lip Balm*

This is a petroleum-based product similar to Vaseline, but not quite as thick. I know there is a lot of controversy over these types of products, but if you have SUPER dry, itchy lips relief is the only thing that will matter to you. I just want something to seal in the moisture. I get dry patches on my lips thanks to stress at times and I NEED this stuff. There is also camphor and menthol to give a cooling effect as well as tea tree and jojoba oil which allows the consistency to be more “spreadable” than that of Vaseline.

First Aid Beauty | Ultra Repair Cream

This miracle cream can be used from head to toe and is incredibly affordable at $35 for a 6oz jar! When I started getting random dry patches on my cheeks, I started using this moisturizer on my face. While the consistency isn’t incredibly thick, its whipped texture gets absorbed slowly over about an hour. This is also recommended for those with eczema and is gentle enough to use on BABIES! Dry patches don’t stand a chance when I’ve got this at hand.

Crabtree & Evelyn | La Source Nail & Cuticle Therapy

Nail care. I am usually pretty good about taking care of my nails, but I tend to forget about cuticle cream because it never gets dry enough in Vancouver to have ragged cuticles. That being said, I have been enjoying this particular cuticle treatment because it leans more towards a moisturizer than an oil or a balm. I also love the targeted nozzle that lets me get right where I want. It also smells pretty darn good.

Yardley London | Oatmeal & Almond Naturally Moisturizing Bath Bar*

I love citrus smelling soaps and I made the mistake of purchasing one from Lush that was a little TOO clarifying to the point of drying. These Yardley London moisture bars are SLS-free and gently exfoliate while soothing with oatmeal. I also love the scent of almonds so this bar of soap was such a winner in the shower for me.

What are your absolute winter must-haves that you cannot live without?

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