NAIL ART | Studded and Aztec-Inspired Nails

Along with nail decals, nail art studs are one of my favourite ways to add some bling. Nail studs can either be used as delicate accents OR as full on nail armour. When it comes to pricing and variety, I always turn to Born Pretty. My partnership with them was borne out of my inherent love for their products long before as a customer. I rarely do “nail armour” because I tend to lose studs, but the final product always looks so awesome.

Born Pretty Studs

Born Pretty Studs (3)

This has got to be one of my FAVOURITE nail stud wheels*. It looks like it’s filled with glittering jewels in all shapes and sizes! 400 to be exact! There are stars, moons, pink bows, flowers and even some super cool matte black triangles. The only thing I did not like about this wheel was the slide open cover. I much prefer the plastic covers that turn to expose only one section of the “pie” at a time. I was expecting this type of cover and almost lost half the studs when I first opened it. I would NOT have wanted to clean THAT up!

Born Pretty Studs (2)

I decided to dress up my previous L’Oreal Fuschia for Life manicure with some black triangular and clear rectangular studs to create an Aztec-style pattern. I painted my nails with a slower drying top coat to give myself some time to position the studs (the ONE time we DON’T want fast-drying!). Ideally, you want to feel the studs really sinking into the top coat because they last quite a bit longer on the nail. To pick up the studs, I used a wax pencil and dangerously pointy tweezers to position them. I didn’t even need to top coat them because they were so securely set.


Nail studs – hardcore or just not for you? (Believe me, it took me about a year to find them fun)

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