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Back in October, I had raved about the newly revamped Hudson’s Bay re-opening in Richmond Centre (here) that had plenty to offer in terms of exclusive brands, products and services. The Shiseido beauty counter is like no other as it is only the 10th of its kind in Canada with a 55” interactive multi-touch “Discovery Centre” that allows clients to explore products and imagery from Shiseido’s 141 year history. I had no idea it was such a distinguished brand!

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review (7)

What really caught my eye about this particular counter was the presence of a private spa cabine for complimentary services such as facials, treatments and massages. It is tucked away in the center with glass that frosts once the doors are shut. When it comes to skincare, the only way to feel comfortable with a product is to TRY it. What Shiseido offers is a complimentary luxury treatment that allows each client to experience the line that suits your skin best.

The services offered are:

1. Skin Analysis & Consultation (10 minutes)
2. Pure & Perfect Skincare (30 minutes) – designed for blemish-prone skin
3. Moisture Surge Massage (30 minutes) – designed to treat the early signs of aging by restoring skin’s protective and hydrating functions to reveal radiant and healthy looking skin
4. Illuminating Beauty Massage(30 minutes) – this is a brightening treatment using Shiseido’s White Lucent line
5. Time Defying Massage (30 minutes) – designed for mature, dry skin
6. Awakening Eye Massage (15 minutes) – addresses puffiness, dark circles and fine lines using the Instant Eye Mask for visible results
7. Shiseido Men Skincare Service (30 minutes) – using the Shiseido Men’s line, this treatment improves skin’s defence against external aggressors like shaving and irritation
8. Beauty Lesson (30 minutes) – A makeup specialist will apply makeup to half your face and then walk you through step-by-step on the other half so you feel comfortable achieving the look on your own

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review (3)

The services Shiseido so graciously let me try were the Skin Analysis & Consultation, Time Defying Massage as well as the VIP service which includes an arm massage and treatment sheet mask not even available in Canada!

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review (4)

I was greeted with a smile and ushered into the private spa cabine where I was instructed to only remove the top half of my clothing and to crawl under the sheets. I should add that there isn’t spa music playing, but music that’s playing in The Bay so it’s pretty much radio. For me, it just became white noise as the facial massage overtook my senses.

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review (2)

There is no sink in the cabine so any excess product is tissued off. We went through A LOT of tissues! I had makeup on so Shiseido’s Perfect Cleansing Oil was used to remove every last trace of it and tissued off in gentle blotting motions. I found the whole process to be quite gentle. A softener for my dry skin was used after all of my makeup was removed. Unfortunately, I kind of got lost in the facial massage after this step so I don’t really remember what products were used specifically, but there was at least 10 minutes of facial massage to stimulate blood flow and bring a healthy glow to the skin. The neck area was also included.

The bonus hydrating sheet mask was my FAVOURITE and is only available as part of a VIP treatment. It was a two part mask with one part for the eye area and one for the cheeks and chin. The best part was how tightly it fit and that there wasn’t that sheet mask “goatee” thing goin’ on! It was snug as a bug and was left on my face for about 15-20 minutes. There were no eye holes in this mask so all I know is that while my skin was absorbing all the essence in the sheet mask, I was also receiving an amazing hand and arm massage! The facial ended with more facial massaging, this time to make sure all that essence was absorbed into my skin. It was DIVINE.

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review (5)

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review (6)

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review (10)

Once my facial was complete, I received a makeup touch-up as I was meeting a friend downtown later that afternoon. I was even complimented on the final look

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review (8)

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review (9)

I was not expecting my skin and mental well-being to feel so renewed from a 45 minute treatment in a department store! I almost forgot where I was and just relished every single minute of it. I kept touching my skin throughout the day because it felt so bouncy and hydrated without being greasy. I don’t think I have ever felt so good and that’s saying something as I get facials pretty regularly! I swear it was that sheet mask. I want it so badly!

The experience at Shiseido was one that I will never forget and even without the VIP upgrade, I found the facial massage to be incredible. Actually THAT’S probably why my skin felt so bouncy! The service I received was wonderful and every step was explained to me in a way that made me fall in love with Japanese skincare.

“In the spirit of Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality where needs of the guest are anticipated) we welcome you to Shiseido”

This sums up my experience much more eloquently and even if Richmond Centre is out of your way, call and experience a treatment. The girls there are lovely, know what they’re doing and know the product. Thank you so much for such a warm welcome!

Service provided was complimentary, but review is my own.

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