REVIEW | Rocky Mountain Soap Company Toxin-Free Liquid Crystal Deodorant in Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Lavender

When it came to eco-friendly bath and beauty products, the Rocky Mountain Soap Company has long been on my radar as they are a Canadian company (from Canmore, Alberta) and was one of the first natural companies I had heard of, but alas was not available as a store front in BC…until NOW! Last November, RMSC as I will now refer to them, opened two locations in BC – one in Metropolis at Metrotown and the other in the Vancouver Bentall Centre. If you haven’t checked out the stores, they are so bright and inviting that you’ll have to stop and browse.

Last month, I was introduced to RMSC’s Liquid Crystal Deodorant line in three different scents: Tea Tree*, Lavender* and Lemongrass*($8.50 CDN each) and along with the hubs, have been putting them to the test for more than a month now. RMSC deodorants are made from crushed potassium alum which naturally prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing in our arm nethers.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Liquid Crystal Deodorant Lavender Lemongrass Tea Tree Review

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Liquid Crystal Deodorant Lavender Lemongrass Tea Tree Review (2)

Hubby (KC) opted for the Lavender and I rotated between the Lemongrass and Tea Tree scents. The scents were fairly true to name and quite pleasant. There is also aloe vera extract to soothe and cool the underarm area. I don’t normally like scented deodorants, but once applied I couldn’t smell it anymore.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Liquid Crystal Deodorant Lavender Lemongrass Tea Tree Review (3)
These deodorants have a rollerball applicator as this really IS the best way to dispense a liquid deodorant. God help us if it ever comes in a jar or squirt tube. It will feel a bit wet when you first apply, but if you have tried liquid crystal deodorants before this won’t surprise you. If not, it just feels a touch cold at first, but dries within seconds.

Final Verdict: The first day that KC tried this, he came home got in his comfy pants and then he called me over to smell his underarm. Seriously. After a 10 hour work day, he smelled like…nothing. He was so shocked that he just HAD to tell me and then for the purposes of THIS VERY REVIEW, I stuck my head in there and took a whiff. He was right. There was absolutely no odor!

As for MY experience, I didn’t last KC’s 10 hours, but 5-6 hours was where I was sitting at before starting to smell not quite so fresh. My favourite scents were the Tea Tree and Lavender. Tea Tree and Lavender just comfort me so there was partly an aromatherapy thing going on in my head as well. Keep in mind these are not anti-perspirants so the sweating won’t stop, but hopefully you won’t smell so bad when you do!

Have any of you tried this lovely Canadian brand?

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