VALENTINE’S DAY | From Bath to Beauty or Pure Self Indulgence

Are you guys tired of these Valentine’s Day posts yet? I feel like marketing has kind of ruined this day for most, but as nice as it is to spend it with your significant other, I prefer to think of Valentine’s Day as a reminder to just LOVE yourself, others and life in general. As beauty lovers, we are a select group of people that have absolutely NO ISSUES spoiling and pampering ourselves. It’s “part of the job” right? 

Like brussel sprouts, I used to despise the scent of lavender, but ever since getting into aromatherapy a few years ago in an attempt to combat stress I have come to appreciate its benefits and just how soothing it really is. I use to pipe it into the bedroom through a diffuser for Yoshi to calm him down while we were out all day and I even used it for the new kittens when we first got them because they were so skittish. The scent just lulls them to sleep. Lavender is also WONDERFUL at soothing aching muscles so if you need to sit back and rewind for a bit, pour yourself a hot bath and add in 2 cups of Dr Teal’s Soothe & Sleep Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Lavender* and just inhale. I can honestly feel the buzz in my brain quiet as I inhale. 

Dr Teals Soothe and Sleep Epsom Salts Review

Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Gift Set Review

I have reviewed the Calgon Hawaiian Ginger scent before in the form of the body mist and hand soap/lotion and found it to be incredibly refreshing and spicy from the ginger. After a long soak in the tub with a good book (I’m currently reading The Scorch Trials from the Maze Runner series) layer the body cream followed by the body mist from the Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Gift Set* which also includes a moisturizing shower gel and shower pouf. 

Lypsyl Lip Balm Review

I don’t think I have ever mentioned this, but before I apply ANY lipstick. lip gloss, lip cream or lip stain I HAVE to apply some form of lip balm. They have to be the right consistency because if they’re too oily then any subsequent lip products will just slip slide around. Out of these three flavours, my favourites are the Original* and Tropical Oasis Lypsyl Lip Balms*. Original smells almost like Nivea body lotion(?) and Tropical Oasis like a very subtle pineapple and coconut. These lip balms are made with petrolatum, paraffin, coconut oil and beeswax which is apparently the magical combination of hydration and lip colour adherence. My lips feel incredibly smooth and seamless. Like every crack in my lips has been sealed.

How do you treat yourself on a night in?

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