VALENTINE’S DAY | So…Fragrance? Gift Sets with So…? Sexy, So…? Sinful and So…? Kiss Me

Having worked in the luxury jewellery industry for a decade, Valentine’s Day was the push to get back in the game after a quiet January. It’s a “holiday” that can be great when you’re in a couple or bring out some resentment if you’re single. I’ve never really minded either way because I love pink and red at all times and this is the one time of the year where I can really indulge. I used to buy foam hearts and decorate my binders in school and of course send out candy grams to friends because I love them too! Valentine’s Day was also the first time I took the opportunity to buy MYSELF a diamond ring because I wanted my first diamond to be all my own and not be tinged with emotion if there was ever a break-up (Isn’t break-up jewellery the worst?).

Speaking of red and pink, I have reviewed So…? Sinful before (here) and although I found the scent a bit too “young”, I found the packaging cute and price point to be incredibly affordable for the quality. Fragrance is very personal so if So…? Sinful didn’t quite work then maybe So…? Sexy or So…? Kiss Me? First up, is the So…? Sexy Cute Mix*($5.99 CDN) gift set that has mini versions of the eau de toilette and matching body lotion.

So Fragrance So Sexy Review

So…? Sexy has top notes of mandarin and blackcurrant, heart notes of rose and jasmine and base notes of sandalwood and musk. Now, THIS is a scent I like. I love mandarin and is the first thing I smell right away. After about 4 hours, I am left with a more sandalwood/rose scent which I actually enjoy!

So Fragrance So Kiss Me So Sinful Review

You know my thoughts on the So..? Sinful fragrance, but in this So...? Sweet Treats*($9.99 CDN) gift set is my favourite scent from So…? Fragrances so far! So…? Kiss Me has top notes of blackcurrant, pineapple and lemon, heart notes of muguet and freesia and base notes of musk and vanilla. I seem to pick up quite a bit of the lemon and vanilla which makes me think of REAL vanilla ice cream (with the black dots) and lemon custard. SO GOOD! This is the perfect level of sweetness for me!

So Fragrance So Kiss Me So Sinful Review Lip Balm

The gift set also contains two lip balms that I actually expected to smell like their respective fragrances, but it smells like only their top notes so So…? Sinful smells just like strawberries and So…? Kiss Me like pineapple/coconut. The lip balms contain mineral oil, petrolatum, jojoba oil and shea butter so quite hydrating in terms of sealing in moisture. The consistency is similar to Vaseline and gives your lips some shine too!

If you’re curious about more from So…? Fragrances, the So…? Kiss Me Body Spray is currently available now at Wal-Mart at just $4.99! OMG, I love this scent so much I want it to last forever!

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