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Yes, this can also be considered a Valentine’s Day post, but really there is never a bad time to indulge in the sensorial wonderland of Fresh. I feel like Fresh has been in my life for so long when really it has only been 3 years. I am a Fresh Tinted Lip Balm junkie like most Sephora savvy shoppers, but I also regularly use their fragrances. I remember getting a single Fresh Sugar Lemon soap and hoarding it like crazy in the shower because I never wanted it to disappear. Well, now I have more items to selfishly keep all to myself and use for as long as possible! When it comes to bath time rituals, evening is when I force myself to slow down and take care of myself even though I’m not always consistent about it. In addition to my multi-step skincare ritual, my bath time one is now getting to be just as important if not necessary to maintain sanity.

Fresh Bath and Body

Fresh Life Bath and Shower Gel Review
The Fresh Life Bath & Shower Gel*($24.00 CDN) is the newest/not so new addition to the Fresh scent line. Life is slightly citrusy and then like freshly laundered sheets. It’s incredibly comforting and also contains vitamins C and E as well as shea butter to revitalize and hydrate skin. This shower gel is wonderful in the bath and at $24, I will be reserving this for special occasions!

Fresh Sugar Ultra Nourishing Body Oil

Someone just submerge my entire body is this. Fresh Sugar Ultra-Nourishing Body Oil*($56.00CDN) is like wow. I love the glass bottle and the scent so much as well as how luxurious this feels on my skin. This is a sweet almond body oil containing sunflower, apricot, jojoba and primrose oil. I use sweet almond oil on my cuticles a lot, so why not on my body? There is also a blend of citrus essential oils that I pick up on right away which as you all might know is my weakness. Citrus and potatoes. If I come into contact with either, I will cower. As you can imagine, this is a very thick and luxurious oil so I would not recommend it for morning use unless you have some time to kill.

Fresh Rose Face Mask Review (2)

Fresh Rose Face Mask Review

Initially, This mask does not appear aesthetically pleasing, but the Fresh Rose Face Mask*($72.00 CDN) smells just like fresh roses thanks to actual rose petals (that’s the floaty stuff that’s in there!) and soothing rose water. As you can see, this is more of a gel mask with cucumber extract and aloe vera gel to cool and algae to hydrate without feeling oily. I feel like royalty whenever I use it because I’m smelling roses and feeling my skin just soak it right up. It does need to be washed off after 10 minutes, but I cheat sometimes and leave it on for 20. Something that smells this good can’t possibly be bad for me right? 

Are any of you just as in love with Fresh as I am? The products are priced at somewhat of an indulgence so I definitely consider any of these items a real, but attainable treat! Just go into Sephora and spoil yourself today!

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