VALENTINE’S DAY | Lush Valentine’s Day 2015 Goodies!

Oh, be still my heart! Lush Cosmetics is making our hearts go pitter patter this Valentine’s season with some classic as well as new favourites!

Lush Valentines Day Review

Lush Valentines Day The Kiss Lip Gloss Review

The Kiss Lip Gloss*($7.95 CDN) is made with cupuacu and Fair Trade shea butters and gives your lips a hydrating boost with a very subtle hint of pink shimmer. I thought the shimmer would make this lip gloss gritty, but NOT AT ALL. My lips felt smooth as silk! For extra smoochiness, this lip gloss also contains guarana seed powder which is a natural skin plumper. It doesn’t sting like conventional lip plumpers though so don’t worry!

Lush Valentines Day The Kiss Lip Gloss Swatch Review 
You can see how this tint would look great on anyone. It’s fairly sheer so it would basically meld with the underlying lip colour.

Lush Valentines Day Prince Charming Shower Gel Review

Prince Charming*($9.95-$29.95 CDN) is a shower gel that will sweep your nose off its feet? I do like Snow Fairy a little more, but this concoction of pomegranate juice, vanilla and almond oil is both fruity and delectable. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a Lush shower gel I didn’t like.

Lush Valentines Day Lonely Heart Bubble Bar Review

The Lonely Heart Bubble Bar*($7.95 CDN) is a new addition to this year’s Lush line up and really does feel kind of lonely mainly because of its size. It’s on the smaller side of the bubble bar scale, but man is it ever glittery! It reminds me a lot of the Lush glittery pumpkin bar with the scent of bergamot filling your tub. There is also jasmine and ylang ylang, but the bergamot is what my nose is choosing to focus on.

Lush Valentines Day Love Locket Bath Bomb Review
 The Lush Love Locket ($11.95 CDN) is an oldie, but SUCH a goodie! This is a behemoth of a bath bomb scented with vanilla, jasmine and neroli and is large enough to be split for three separate baths. Inside this love locket is a sweet surprise, but all I’ll say is that your bathwater will be a sea of pink hearts.

Lush Valentines Day Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar Review

THIS is the bubble bar everyone is talking about because who doesn’t love unicorns?! The Unicorn Horn* ($7.95 CDN) is scented with lavender and neroli essential oils and is a pastel party in your tub.

Lush Valentines Day Review Hugo

As always, these are only available until Valentine’s Day and would make such sweet gifts for ANYONE in your life or for yourself! (Hugo was NOT impressed with the Unicorn Horn as I was, but that’s cats for ya)

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