MAKEUP REVIEW | Makeup by One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss and Rock Me Nail Varnish

To be honest, I’m still not over my last Makeup by One Direction review (here) as it was probably one of the most intense makeup reviews I have done. For those of you who loved the limited edition kits released in August, there are three new makeup kits that have been released: Electro Glam Mascara, Liquilights Glow Gloss* and the Rock Me Nail Kit*. I’ve got my hands on the glosses and nail polishes and the 14-year old in me is giddy with boy band glee.
electroglam mascara
Makeup by One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss Review

Makeup by One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss Review
The Liquilights Glow Gloss trio consists of the colours: Kiss You – an orange glitter gloss, Taken – a pink glitter gloss and Through the Dark – a poppy glitter gloss. The applicator is a standard doe-foot which you can see in my previous review. All three are UV reactive for those of you still young enough to go clubbing. I just like the actual colours in regular daylight!

Makeup by One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss Swatches Review
Squee! Oddly enough, I quite liked the orange gloss mainly because I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so pigmented! All three swatches were very glittery, opaque and smooth considering the presence of glitter. There is also a faint vanilla scent to the formula.

Makeup by One Direction Rock Me Nail Varnish Review
The Rock Me Nail Varnish kit comes with the nail polish shades: Happily - an iced jelly blue, Moments - neon pink and Diana - a mixture of silver bar and circular glitter as well as pots of loose glitter for some extra nail bling.

Makeup by One Direction Rock Me Nail Varnish Kit Review
The nail polishes are also UV reactive and will glow under black light. The quality varied from Happily, being so watery that it was just sloshing around in the bottle, to a one-coater like Moments. Diana turned out to be a gorgeously dense glitter that I fell in love with right away!

The loose glitter is meant to be used only on the nails and is not safe for use on the eyes or lips. No one wants a scratched cornea due to glitter...

Makeup by One Direction Rock Me Nail Varnish Swatches Review
It took FIVE coats for Happily to even look passable as a polish making it my least favourite of the trio. Moments was a crazy hot pink with a glossy finish and looked fantastic with just one coat of Diana!

Final Verdict: The Liquilights Glow Glosses are quite fun and although I wouldn't wear glitter gloss in a work environment, I remember wearing A LOT of glitter gloss in high school and even in my early years of university (OMG, I'm feeling SO OLD as I write that!). As for the nail polishes, Happily was not even usable as a jelly polish for me, but the other two were solid in terms of opacity, application and shine. 

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