VALENTINE'S DAY | All Things Pink and Red Beauty Round Up

I actually really like product round-ups and I am delighted to have a moment to do one for Valentine's Day because I LOVE red and pink. It doesn't always look great on me when it comes to clothing, but beauty products tend to be much more forgiving so here are some of my favourites for Valentine's Day (or any day really!)

I Love...Valentines Day Makeup Review

I Love...Raspberry & Blackberry Refreshing Body Spritzer* smells both creamy and tart all at the same time and I know it can be a little weird to smell so delectable, but Valentine’s Day tends to mesh our senses with our emotions so I stand by this absolutely deliciously scented body spray no matter the occasion! (I love it so much that one lucky reader will be getting the chance to win one!)

Nothing sends me running to my red and pink nail polish stash like this impending “holiday”. Two of my favourite polishes are Essie’s “Good Morning Hope”, which is your classic baby pink creme, and RGB Cosmetics’ “Red”, which is one of my favourite intensely red polishes.

When it comes to makeup for a date night out, my husband likes a neutral eye similar to the one I created for my Beauty Panel look (here), but I always have a little more fun with the lips using brightly pigmented lip products like the High Pigment Pencils from Bite Beauty in the shades “Cranberry” and “Quince”. These guys are AWESOME. Everyone get some like now. And finally, of all the blushes to choose from this time of year, why not choose one that’s both pink AND has hearts on it like Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Blush in “Rose”? I’ve had this blush for awhile, but I still brush over it ever so gently to keep the hearts intact! 

Valentine’s Day – Looking forward to it or dreading it just a little? 

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