NAIL ART | Fabulously Dotted with Wet n Wild Wildshine Nail Color in She Shells

She sells seashells by the seashore”. I was always a “Peter Piper” gal, but Wet n Wild’s new Wildshine Nail Color has me wanting more! Like many of us growing up, Wet n Wild was one of the first nail polish brands I started buying from because of its agreement with my $20 allowance. As I have gotten older, I started pulling away from drugstore brands in favour of ones with more of a price tag, but truth be told when it comes to nail polish, there is a VERY fine line between drugstore and luxury if at all.

She Shells* is a peachy-pink creme polish that really is QUITE shiny on its own. I do have top coat on to protect my design, but believe me when I say that this polish was shiny long before top coat entered the picture!  

Wet n Wild - She Shells Dotted Nail Art Review (3)

Wet n Wild - She Shells Dotted Nail Art Review (2) 
I am wearing 2 coats of She Shells with polish consistency being on the thicker side so there was always a lot on the brush itself which led to some slight adjustments in application. Nail polish thinner would have helped, but I was too lazy. Then I started creating a dotted pattern with a white polish in an “X” shape in the center of my nail, followed by dotting a silver polish in the empty spaces. Any leftover space was dotted in with white polish.

Wet n Wild - She Shells Dotted Nail Art Review 
I love using dotting to create patterns like these because the technique never changes, but the colours can so you can end up having a fairly complex design.

What is everyone up to this weekend? I’m off to IKEA for yet MORE beauty storage…

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