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Father’s Day is just around the corner and while I find it difficult to shop for men in general, I know that my husband enjoys a good shampoo and body wash when given the option. I secretly think that once men partner up with a woman, they let their “inner high maintenance princess” personas out. I have been given plenty of “feedback” on what my guy prefers for moisturizers, shampoos and soaps and have had to switch stuff out for HIS sake! Men definitely don’t get to have even half the fun we woman have with bath and body products and one thing I was told by a male hair care line was that men apparently respond very well to colour and even as a woman, when I saw the bright yellow packaging for the AB Crew bath and body products I was interested. AB Crew marries the idea of fitness and grooming carrying an array of products from protein powder to moisturizer to shaving products. In collaboration with ambassador, fitness trainer, nutrition coach, you name it, Lazar Angelov, AB Crew promises to be the most effective range of products for achieving and maintain ideal fitness.

AB Crew Body Wash and Amazonian Shampoo Review

The packaging of both body products I have for you today are metal and instructions for use very simple as you will see shortly (I had a little chuckle)!    

AB Crew Body Wash and Amazonian Shampoo Review (2)

The AB Crew Body Wash with French Green Clay* (480mL/$29.00 CDN) comes in a metal bottle with a pump which I love. Hubby loves that feature too and honestly, when it comes to anything in the shower I prefer to have as many hands free as possible!

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AB Crew Body Wash and Amazonian Shampoo Review (4)

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The instructions are simple: “It’s a body wash. Wash your body with it”. It’s not like we think men are dumb, but we know what they think of instructions (#ikearogue). I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this though. The scent is a wild verbena that hubby finds too strong, but I find invigorating! He also finds the body wash drying, while I find it to be just fine so it just goes to show how different men and women can be.

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AB Crew Body Wash and Amazonian Shampoo Review (7)

The AB Crew Amazonian Shampoo* (480mL/$29.00 CDN) is sulphate-free and infused with fruit oils to hydrate hair while smelling like you’re in some sort of forest. It’s not musky, which a lot of male-targeted products seem to be, but definitely smells deciduous in nature. Pun intended. Hubby reports that he loves this shampoo! The first time he used it, he made me feel his hair and it was so soft and fluffy! He has fine hair so anything too heavy just makes his hair look greasy and he actually gets grouchy when his hair doesn’t cooperate and in the last few weeks he’s been all sunshine and rainbows. He doesn’t read my blog so he won’t know I’m slightly poking fun at him ;-)

Final Verdict: Yes, this could be like that typical fitness/male product line where you’d think only ‘roid monkeys would enjoy it, but if you look at the ingredients in each of the products, they’re actually pretty solid. Not a lot of crap and the scents are enjoyable by either gender. There is a caffeine-infused shampoo as well as a self-tanner in the AB Crew product line that I am personally wanting to try! I feel like this line is a great gift for a man of any age really with my husband requesting the protein powder for his birthday. I think in the Cosmetic Proof household, AB Crew has found a fan or two!

I usually take my dad out for lunch or dinner for Father’s day because he really just likes spending time with me, but what do you guys do for your dads?

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