FRAGRANCE | Azzaro Pour Elle EDP Review

I have always been notoriously bad at reviewing fragrances because I have never been one for romancing a scent, but based on my dresser of EIGHTY different bottles of fragrance, I obviously enjoy it! Azzaro Pour Elle* (50mL/$70.00 or 75mL/$88.00) is described as seductive, sensual and sophisticated with its floral woody amber signature scent.

A fragrance must always enhance your seductive power. When you wear it, it is important that your partner wants to inhale your scent, touch you, be close to you…”  - Loris Azzaro  

Azzaro Pour Elle EDP

Firstly, the Azzaro Pour Elle bottle with its faceted edges is inspired by the mirrored Azzaro Couture showroom in Paris complete with a lamé trim that is often featured on many Azzaro designs. All I know is that it looks like diamonds and makes this bottle a bejeweled spectacle on my dresser that I love looking at!

Azzaro Pour Elle EDP (3)

So, more importantly what DOES Azzaro Pour Elle actually smell like? There is such a science to fragrance, but what I do know is that this fragrance is a three layered blend of cardamom, rose, sun-kissed lily and finally olibanum incense and cashmere wood. I would have just described it as “sweetly floral”, but the press release always does a much better job! I am not normally a floral person, but whenever there is a hint of sweetness to a scent, I am immediately drawn in. This fragrance also wears well (on me) throughout the day and as an EDP is meant to last longer than an EDT. Even though this fragrance is sensual, I would still wear it in the office. It is pretty potent and has that resonating musky scent so I think a few delicately placed spritzes will be more than enough to intoxicate. Also, one more thing I love about this fragrance? All of the bottles are refillable!

Azzaro Pour Elle EDP is available at Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, Sears, Familiprix, Brunet and Uniprix.

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