BATH & BODY | Lush #GayIsOK Love Soap Review

Something pretty momentous happened on June 26th, 2015. The United States became the 21st and largest country to legalize gay marriage. In this day and age, you would think that this decision would have been a no-brainer, but can you believe that there are still 76 countries where being gay is illegal? Coming from both a Christian AND Asian family, this train of thought isn’t exactly foreign. Growing up Christian meant that everyone who was gay “chose that lifestyle” and it went against God’s plan. I had one fairly close friend in high school who was afraid to tell me he was gay and even though I loved him anyway, it made me realize how much I had hurt him with my closed-minded “Christian” beliefs throughout elementary school. After doing some growing up and realizing that loving relationships aren’t just the hetero kind, I can truly say that #GayIsOK. It’s more than OK, it’s something that shouldn’t even BE something. Shouldn’t we just be happy that two complete strangers managed to find their way to each other on this crazy, f’ed up planet and want to be together?

This is when Lush asks everyone “What if your love was illegal?” From now until July 4th, Lush stores will be running the #GayIsOk Campaign with profits from all purchases of Love Soap* (120g/$5.95 CDN) going to support grassroots LGBT equality groups all over the world. Love Soap is made with spicy smelling cinnamon, ylang ylang and coconut oils and dazzles like CRAZY! 

Lush GayIsOk Love Soap
The glitter is all on the surface though so as you make your way through this deliciously scented soap (like apple pie!), you will be left with a swirly yellow gold goodness. The glitter is actually slightly exfoliating so for the first couple of uses, I was using it for tougher areas like my legs and feet.

Lush GayIsOk Love Soap (3)

Show your support by using the hashtag #GayIsOk and grabbing a bar or two of this new soap!

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