FATHER’S DAY | Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care Aftershave and Bar Soap

Still searching for what to get dad for Father’s Day? No doubt you have already decided on what to do with dad or your partner, but there is always a great time to show appreciation for the men in our lives. Women get “just because” gifts all the time so why not the men? I never knew that Burt’s Bees had a line of products specific to men, but at the same time, why wouldn’t they?! They have pretty much everything else and it’s all done with nature’s best interests at heart from the ingredients and packaging to more importantly the planet. The men’s line isn’t huge at just five products, but is enough for a good shave, shower and splash of cologne. 

Burts Bees Men's Aftershave Cream and Soap Review

Burts Bees Men's Aftershave Cream and Soap Review (2) 
The Bar Soap* ($6.99 CDN) is SLS, paraben and phthalate-free and contains lemon and orange oils to clean skin while rosemary extract and fir oil revive and invigorate. There is also bergamot and patchouli which makes this smell quite musky. In a fragrance, I would mind the scent, but in the shower, it’s actually somewhat relaxing. The hubs really enjoys the scent and likes that it doesn’t strip his finicky skin of moisture. Another thing I noticed right away was the actual packaging of the soap. The “paper” had an almost skin-like feel to it as I discovered that it is made out of a special treeless and bleach-free alternative known as TerraSkin Wraps. It has a lower absorption rate which allows for 20-30% less ink when printing. So incredibly cool!

Burts Bees Men's Aftershave Cream and Soap Review (3)

The Aftershave* ($9.99 CDN) is also free of SLS, parabens and phthalates and is a wonderfully hydrating almost moisturizer that calms and soothes skin post-shave with a blend of coconut oil, sunflower oil, aloe and Vitamin E . Hubs describes the scent as “nice and woodsy” which is the most I could get out of him. I tried it on my legs post-shave and it really leaves skin feeling soft, plush and moisturized. I will leave this for the boy though since he really seems to like it!

Feel like your guy would love all five products? There is a great kit that has it all plus my favourite Burt’s Bees Lip Balm! Available at www.burtsbees.ca

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