BEAUTY BOX | Revisiting TOMBox aka The Time of Month Box

At the beginning of the this year, I reviewed an interesting beauty box subscription service called the TOMBox (past review here) which elicited both laughs and comments of disbelief in the comments section. To recap, TOMBox is a monthly subscription service that as of now, only ships within the US, and caters to what a girl/woman might need or want during her menstrual cycle. It’s funny how they only REAL difference between TOMBox and all other beauty box subscriptions is the addition of pads or tampons. I guess we ladies want what we want.

Tombox Beauty Box Review


There have been a few changes to how the subscription works mainly that the one-time TOMBox option has been eliminated and now you can either get a recurring monthly subscription for $16/month or $84/6 months which works out to be the better deal at $14/month. TOMBox has also gotten much better about curating the boxes by asking more questions about what you would like to receive as well more questions about style.

tombox2The format of asking customers for a “double double” (Timmy Ho fans will get me!) is also much more appealing with a visual rather than just a checkbox. The TOMBox* I received for review is the “double double” version (pink and purple boxes) so you will get a chance to see the items that are included.


Tombox Beauty Box Review (2)
I did not receive a product info card on any of the products, but in addition to a 22 pack of U by Kotex regular pads, I received:

Givenchy Very Irresistible EDT (sample 1mL)
Cailyn Carnival Glitter in Gold Digger (full size 5g)
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk (full size 4g)
Dancin’ Goat Moisturizer (sample 5mL)
Sibu beauty Balancing Facial Cleanser (sample 0.10oz)
Coolway Cool Cleanse Hydrate Shampoo (sample 60mL)
Skone Cosmetics Eye & Lip Pencil in Girlypink (full size)

Tombox Beauty Box Review (3)
Unlike the first time, the jewellery was more my style as I am definitely more minimalist and classic with my jewellery. I have a few blingy pieces, but generally I’m on the trendy/conservative side.

Final Verdict: I definitely felt more “romanced” this time around when doing the sign up survey like my personal tastes were being catered to. I’m still not completely sold on including jewellery in any type of sub service, but this is what sets TOMBox apart from the other beauty boxes. I think TOMBox is still very young in their sub journey and though the improvements made so far have put this service on the right track, I do think there could be some extra thought put into the presentation like Birchbox and Glossybox. There is always something about opening up an actual presentation box that sets the mood. I know that sort of thing adds to the overall price of the subscription so it is a bit of a balancing act.

From what I have seen of other reviews, TOMBox can have its ups and downs when it comes to contents, but I do think the demographic for this sub is the 14-25 year old girl. If I was a teenage girl, I would be ALL OVER this service. Anyone past college age might want more than costume jewellery or drugstore makeup though TOMBox has also included Cargo products in their past boxes. Again for me personally, I want diamonds and department store brands, BUT if I had a daughter? You bet, I’d be ok with getting her something like this especially when periods are still uncomfortable and scary. Along with the “you’re now a woman” speech, she’d get a TOMBox subscription!

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