MAKEUP | Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss Lip Lacquer 303P, 403, 104 and 202 Review & Swatches

“Oh, yes please” is the only answer to the question “Will I be purchasing MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Plexi-Gloss Lip Lacquers ($23.00 CDN)?” Where have these been all of my lip gloss life?! Recently released last month, these plexi-glosses come in a whopping 35 shades and have unbelievable staying power, colour and shine! I initially read the press release and thought, alright another lip gloss so what else is new? I know that MAKE UP FOR EVER usually never ceases to impress me, but how many more ways can the beauty industry do a lip gloss? Apparently, there is always ONE more way.

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexigloss Review Swatch

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexigloss Review Swatch (3)
The first part of the plexi-gloss experience is the applicator. It LOOKS just like a standard doe-foot applicator, but see that little notch on the side? I call this the money maker while MAKE UP FOR EVER calls it the “superflex applicator”. This little notch make the applicator so flexible that it almost has a spring to it when you push down on your lips when applying colour. It also gives me a MUCH more precise application than with a standard doe-foot applicator which I truly didn’t think was possible. My lips have a very defined, pointy cupid’s bow which I can never emphasize cleanly with a doe-foot or even brush applicator. This superflex applicator made it so EASY. I love it so much!

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexigloss Review Swatch (4)

I received the shades: 104* (on the lips here) , 202*, 303P* and 403* and recently just added 207 (a bright fuchsia) on a recent Sephora outing because these are freakin’ amazing glosses! Firstly, they are VERY sticky which = long-lasting. We have all used long-lasting sticky lip glosses before, but even at 5 hours oh wear time with minimal eating or drinking the SAME shine and colour power were still on my lips! They looked just as fresh and luscious as when I had first applied colour. It even survived me rolling the car window down and my hair getting stuck on to my lips (which has now made me always bring a hair tie in the car).

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexigloss Review Swatch 403

Above is the shade 403 and normally I would NEVER wear such a bright colour when I know it’s going to be a longer day because brighter lip colours come with their own maintenance factor, but this colour was LOCKED in for good. It doesn’t wear off just in the middle leaving you with a “lip ring”, but comes off when you want it to. Just don’t eat a sandwich like I did one afternoon with 202…it WILL become part of your sandwich!

Final Verdict: Hell, yeah. There are 35 shades and I now have 5 of them with more to come. Although the spectrum is mostly pink, there are some eye-catching purples, reds and blacks that I have to control myself on. I have never felt so confident about wearing such a brightly coloured lip gloss in my makeup-wearing life!  As nice as it is to have a non-sticky, smooth formulation, a lip gloss that lasts really does need to be sticky. It wasn’t uncomfortable in any way and I still felt like my lips were my own and not some weird alien creature sitting on my face as can be the case with most long-wearing formulations. The shine stayed fresh for hours and I only had to worry about touching up whenever I ate a meal. The Artist Plex-Glosses are a total win for me and I hope they will be for you too!

Available at Sephora and MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques.

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