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I know people have their signature fragrances, but there are definitely a few fragrances that I find far too heavy to wear in the summer. With the heat wave in Vancouver right now (35°C this weekend!), every scent becomes more intense so I prefer to wear a lighter scent that doesn’t evolve into something overwhelming and uncomfortable. I have been around others who probably SHOULD have made a seasonal fragrance change and did not. This is especially evident for those of us who take public transit all year…

The summer season always makes me want to go light and fruity, but now that I’m in my mid-30s, I have to be careful about finding the right balance and not smelling too young. The Buenos Aires Vibe EDT Spray* ($24.00 CDN) by mark is a blend of wild passion fruit, mauve violet and musk and is actually incredibly light considering the description of notes.

mark by Avon Buenos Aires Vibe Fragrance Review

mark by Avon Buenos Aires Vibe Fragrance Review (2)
Since mark is targeted towards a younger audience (Lucy Hale of PLL fame is their ambassador), the bottle is fun-coloured and immediately stands out in my sea of seemingly meh-looking fragrance bottles. All I can smell is passion fruit from the get-go with a hint of floral, but the scent didn’t last very long on me though as it was barely noticeable on my skin after 2-3 hours. While this can be a good quality to have in a summer fragrance, those that prefer a longer wear-time may find “having to top up” a little annoying.

What is your go-to summer scent?

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