EVENT | Getting Face Mapped at Dermalogica #FaceMapNation

Way back in April of this year, the Dermalogica launched a worldwide skincare campaign called "Face Map Our Nation" using Dermalogica's zone-by-zone approach to skin analysis. The Dermalogica Institute in Vancouver hosted a face-mapping event that I unfortunately could not attend because I was in Calgary for work, but the folks at Faulhaber were kind enough to book me in last month so I could experience a face mapping session!

I was greeted by the lovely Jennifer upon my arrival at Dermalogica and though the office seems incredibly pristine and mildly intimidating (I mean, it IS a school) with all of its perfectly packaged products and facial contraptions, you can't beat that incredible view. Talk about putting you at ease! Jennifer is an instructor at the institute so not only was she calm and smiley but obviously incredibly knowledgeable in a way that I appreciated. After filling out the consultation card with my illustrious skincare regime, Jennifer and I chose to address some main concerns that I had which were mainly hyperpigmentation, dullness and fine lines.

This is the classroom where I was about to get my face mapping and Dermalogica treatment. When it came to zoning out my face, Jennifer noted that I was dehydrated in ALL areas and recommended that I use the Ultracalming Cleanser for my slightly upset cheeks especially when I mentioned that my skin tingled a little bit when using chemical exfoliators. This cleanser is all about cooling and calming reactive skin without foaming and though I have not started using it yet, is on my top 10 list of skincare to try and hopefully stick with for 2016. She also recommended the PreCleanse Wipes (LOVE) in the evenings as they are essentially an oil cleanse in the form of a wipe. My skin feels so soft after using these that I am not dying for moisturizer after removing my makeup.

Though Jennifer explained everything she was doing, facials are the one time where you can't really take notes while it is happening since you are lying down! The main thing I remember is that
Jennifer used a 30% lactic acid treatment on my skin as it was gentle, but incredibly powerful. It did tingle a little bit, but nothing unbearable. Then came the signature Dermalogica facial massage which was so good! My brain pretty much shut down at this point, but the massage hit all of the right pressure points.

After the lactic acid treatment was removed, we went through and applied the products that would be best suited for my skin concerns including the Total Eye Care Eye Cream with SPF 15 (eye cream with SPF is so awesome!), the Multivitamin Power Serum (for fine lines and hyperpigmentation) and the Sheer Tint Moisturizer.     

After the facial, Jennifer was waiting outside with a few product recommendations as well as a full rundown on how to use them complete with what made them effective. This is a science-y brand, but with elements of nature like the inclusion of lavender oil in their primer. I have always said that when it comes to skincare, I believe science and nature can make a powerful duo so just leave out the filler ingredients and I'm happy.

Face mapping is essentially what it sounds like and if you don't quite understand what is going on with your skin, the folks at Dermalogica are more than equipped to help you out. The face is mapped into numbered zones and at the end of my session I was given a "map" with areas where conditions like my chin were marked with a "B" for "breakout activity" or my forehead was "P" for where there was "pigmentation. 
The folks at Dermalogica do not make you feel inept and instead make you feel EXCITED to "do skincare". Their products appeal to everyone - from those wanting a very basic routing to those, like myself, who want to try and do everything under the sun! If you haven't tried Dermalogica's products before or popped by one of their stores, please do because you seriously will not regret it!

If one of your beauty resolutions is to get your skin in better shape, join me on my Dermalogica journey this year! I will be sharing a list of skincare brands I will be focusing on for 2016!

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