BODY | Deciem Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate for Hands and Body Review

As much as I have raved about DECIEM on social media, it has actually been a long time since I have talked about them and the brands under their umbrella for awhile even though I use their products constantly! In keeping with my promise to only feature brands I love and that I *hope* you will love. My first review of 2016 for my beloved DECIEM will be for the incredibly unique Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate for Hands and Body* (240mL/$30.00 CDN). Made with a hyaluronic concentrate containing 99.5% pure hyaluronic acid which is mind-boggling considering HA can hold up to 1000x its weight in water so I am imagining what this must mean for my skin!

When I first saw this product, everything from the packaging to the actual product had me intrigued. It has a pump (love) and the concentrate or product is a gel that seemingly seems to know that it has hit pay dirt with my dry alligator skin and just goes right in! Suspended in a base of red algae and tamarind, hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer) is the second ingredient after water in this list which is highly impressive! With continued use, the skin's ability to retain moisture is improved resulting in visibly more hydrated skin! I was hopeful about this ever since Tracy from Beauty Reflections raved about it for her hands and face.

A dime-sized amount can cover my forearm so the "moisturizer" does spread very readily. It feels cooling like aloe, has no scent and does not leave any sort of residue. Skin does not feel tacky at all and instead feels smooth and relieved. I do feel like even after months of use, I still need a "top up" for very dry areas of my body like my legs so Tracy's suggestion of layering an actual cream moisturizer on top is a good one.

After HA in the ingredients list, is tamarind which is a plant-based skin-conditioning agent, followed by Tremella fuciformis, a fungus (don't be grossed out!) derived from mushroom that has the potential to be 400x more hydrating than HA alone (Truth in Aging, March 2016)! It also revitalizes dry skin to a natural flexible and hydrated state. So far, I am loving the science behind these ingredients!

Ingredients: Aqua (Water) • Sodium Hyaluronate CrosspolymerTamarindus Indica Seed GumTremella Fuciformis Sporocarp ExtractAhnfeltia Concinna Extract (red algae) • Glycerin • Pentylene Glycol • Betaine • Carbomer • Potassium Sorbate • Triethanolamine • Ethylhexylglycerin • Hexylene Glycol • Caprylyl Glycol • Phenoxyethanol • Chlorphenesin

Final verdict: Though this is an interesting product with ingredients that I have never seen before as well as such a concentrated amount of HA, I would definitely use it in conjunction with another moisturizer on drier areas of my body. If this were for my face, I would treat this concentrate as my serum and lock everything in with a cream moisturizer which is what I think would really work. I just purchased the Body Mist version of this so I will try them in conjunction to see if my legs feel a little better. This is actually a wonderful hand "cream" because it literally leaves no residue on the skin. Applying this on the hands is like having a drink of water. I feel better, but my keyboard doesn't have to know.

Here is what Hugo thinks of the Hyaluronic Concentrate:

"What is this thing the human has placed in front of me?"

"Let me rub it to see if its safe"

"It doesn't smell like anything, but I do love chewing on this pump. It must be a toy from the human"

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