BATH & BODY | Get Ready for the Lush 2016 Easter Collection!

After Christmas, the Lush Easter collection is my FAVOURITE. With bright colours, eggs and bunnies, who wouldn't get excited?! As always, there are both old favourites and new releases and though I do not have the complete collection, I (hopefully) chose the cutest ones I enjoyed the most to share with you.

Humpty Dumpty is one of the more tragic characters in the world of nursery rhymes and though it is rather morbid to rejoice in someone's demise (I mean, all the king's horses and all the kingsmen couldn't put Humpty together again!), the new 
Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb* ($8.95 CDN) puts a more cheery spin on things by placing a perfectly formed fried egg inside! I couldn't get mine to crack the right way and ended up cracking the fried egg portion too...Scented with caramel, bergamot and Brazilian orange oil, this guy will leave you feeling blue - in a VERY GOOD WAY (video)!

Next, we come to the Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly* ($5.95 CDN) which is a new addition for Easter this year and, I cannot say this enough, but it is SOOO CUTE! I had to unravel him when I first received him and look! (video) He's bouncy and smells like an orange thanks to Brazilian orange oil!

Old favourites like the Golden Egg* ($8.95 CDN) always make me smile even though the glitter goes everywhere! I have reviewed the Golden Egg before (review) and still love it. If you love the toffee scent of "Honey, I Washed the Kids" this bath bomb will make you very happy. Not to mention that you will be sitting in water that shimmers and gives your skin an instant glow!

This year's Bunch of Carrots* ($12.95 CDN) is multicoloured though I missed last year's Easter collection so maybe they were multicoloured then? I love the concept of these bubble bars with each carrot being perfect for one bath. I have reviewed these before as well (here) and for some reason these smell good, but are not my favourite scent out of all the Lush goodness. Maybe it's the buchu? Nevertheless, I think these are adorable and fun for everyone!

Renamed Which Came First?* ($8.95 CDN), this is a massive bath bomb with another bath bomb inside! Good for three baths, this is a citrus-vanilla delight and leaves your bath water swirling in pinks and blues. I'm so glad this bath bomb is still around because the concept of breaking apart one bath bomb to get another is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

Available at Lush online and in-store.

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