NAILS | Getting into the St.Patrick's Day Spirit with Nubar - Reclaim (Reborn!) Swatch

There is nothing like St. Patrick's Day to get a girl to go through her 1400 bottles of nail polish to find ALL THE GREEN POLISH. This post is special because it is the first time I have worn a polish more than once on this blog! Nubar Reclaim is a bit of a cult classic if you've been following nail polish and its blogging counterparts for the last 5 years. Holo nail polishes were all the rage in 2012 and I have some awesome ones to still wear and share on Cosmetic Proof. Nubar Reclaim was my very first linear holo and you can see why everyone loves it - it is pure green HEAVEN.

I first blogged about Nubar Reclaim (here) in 2012 and honestly wanted both the opportunity to wear it again as well as to redo my swatch of them now that I have picked up a few extra photography tips!

While still interesting to look at under normal lighting conditions, Reclaim only really only comes to life with flash or in sunshine (or elevator lighting!). Even though my bottle is 4 years old, the swatch below is 2 fluid coats with top coat.

The studs are from, where else, but ma fave nail art supplies store Born Pretty!

I will leave you with holo porn to go about your Tuesday...

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