SKINCARE | Les Soins de Jacynthe Cleansing Oil, Eau Florale de Rose & Le Sérum Review

I swore late last year that I would be much more selective about the skincare that I use and review, but when I was faced with reviewing a few products from Les Soins de Jacynthe, I was immediately intrigued by the fact that the products are 100% natural and created by Quebec-based health and beauty guru, Jacynthe Rene. I was not familiar with Jacynthe or the brand and finding information and/or reviews proved to be quite difficult. The main resource I had were reviews from other blogs and at the time I was asked to review even those were scarce. Thankfully a number of Canadian beauty bloggers have given the lowdown on this brand and the results are overwhelmingly positive!

I started my skincare journey with Les Soins de Jacynthe back in January with three products: the
Huile Nettoyante* (Cleansing Oil), Eau Florale de Rose* (Rose Water Toner) and my favourite Le Serum de Jacynthe* (Serum)

For the sake of not butchering the French language, I will refer to the products by their English translations! All three products come in dark glass apothecary style bottles which is a good sign as essential oils and more natural products tend to react with light and degrade more quickly. Dark or opaque bottles are practically a must for preservation purposes. The Cleansing Oil (50mL/$28.35 CDN) comes with a dropper which is something I have not seen before and has a very mild scent. It is jojoba and apricot oil-based which are very thick and moisturizing oils. Unlike other cleansing oils, when rinsed off this will not emulsify with water into that characteristic white milk. While it does clean the skin, it also leaves behind what feels like a layer of oil which sounds unappealing but is really not! It is a feeling similar to how my face feels after patting on a facial oil.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, apricot oils, sea buckthorn, bourbon, geranium rosa, ylang ylang and sandalwood

The Rosewater Toner (100mL/$21.00 CDN) is made of 100% rosewater so it can seem very strongly scented if you are not used to such a pure concentration. I will admit that the very first time I used it, I was like "whoaaaa". Now, I really love it. This toner comes as a spray which I am so happy about! I swear, all toners should come as sprays! It sprays out as a very fine mist and I love it so much now that I spritz 2-3 all over my face and neck. I also use it as a pick-me-up during the day, but only if I'm at home because I don't know how my co-workers will feel about such an intense scent! Thankfully, there are also rosemary and neroli versions of this toner if rose isn't quite your thing.

Ingredients: 100% rosewater

The Serum (15mL/$49.35) is also rose-scented and though it says serum, I liken this product to a facial oil. It takes a little bit of time to absorb and leaves my skin feeling incredibly nourished. I do not use this in the morning as my skin isn't overly dry right now and can't seem to wake up early enough to let this serum sink in. This has become my nighttime treat! The serum is also bright orange so it leaves a very slight tint to the skin making it look like it is glowing! I rarely use products containing evening primrose oil, but it is known to be filled with omega-6-fatty acids and healing for the skin. Borage is medicinally used both internally and externally, but what I love about it are its anti-inflammatory properties.

Ingredients: evening primrose oil, borage, buckthorn & Rosehip extracts, sandalwood, rose, natural vitamin E and rosemary oleoresin

Final verdict: Originally I missed the idea of a moisturizer in my routine and when I searched the website for a moisturizer type product, the closest thing I could find was a balm. As it turned out, the serum was often more than enough. The rosewater toner is one that I would purchase if I saw it in person and the serum you bet. My skin looked and felt healthy with not even a minor breakout for an entire month, which for me is often a sign that a product is too rich for my skin. The scent can take some getting used to, but I liked how gentle and balancing it was for my skin. 
If you are looking for a reasonably priced Canadian natural skincare line that soothes and keeps skin happy, try Les Soins de Jacynthe.

Available online at the J Magazine Boutique

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