NAILS | Nerd Lacquer - Hyperspace Bypass Swatch & Review

This is a post dedicated to making an effort at sharing my ENORMOUS indie polish collection. Nail polish was what got me into beauty blogging and now it's hard to get more than one nail polish post up per week due to other blogging/life commitments, but these polishes deserve a better life than sitting in my Helmer. They deserve to be ON MA NAILS!

Starting with the FIRST indie nail polish brand I ever purchased, Nerd Lacquer is somewhat bittersweet for me because when I purchased Hyperspace Bypass in 2012, little did I know it would be one of the last times I would be purchasing from Amanda. I don't know the sordid details, but just as her brand was taking off, she disappeared from the Internet due to some serious family issues. Though I was never a victim of lost polish/funds, many were and even though I see the Nerd Lacquer Facebook page is back up after years of being away, there are still people without their polish which is sad. Nerd Lacquer was one of the first indie polish brands that had super cool glitters and polish names that the dork in me identified with.

This polish is literally 4 years old and though the formula was just a tiny bit thick, I didn't have any problems with application and didn't even need to add any thinner to the bottle. This is just TWO coats of Hyperspace Bypass and though it isn't an everyday shade, its uniqueness of chunky black and gold glitter in a BRIGHT yellow base will put all of your other polishes to shame. You will not see a polish like this being created by the "big guys"!

Available (I think) at (Purchase at your own risk because I can't see any current activity from Nerd Lacquer at this time)

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