I seem to be all about the striping tape these last few months, but I have them in SO MANY colours that I am happy to be putting them to good use! This week's BCD Nail Art Challenge is "Funky French" which I translated to BRIGHT COLOURS! The new OPI New Orleans Collection is all about brights so it wasn't hard at all to find shades that were indeed "funky".

I started by painting my nails two coats of the incredibly stunning Rich Girls & Po' Boys*, a creamy cornflower blue and then painting two coats of Suzi Nails New Orleans* on the tips. Do your best to get the edges as straight as you can, but if they are a little crooked the striping tape will fix it all!

Trim sparkly purple striping tape to fit your nails and trim off the excess.

Apply top coat to seal in your design and you are done!

Check out Naomi (@bellezzabee) and Traci's (@drinkcitra) creations for this week and stay tuned for 28 more weeks of #BCDNails! Tag us if you feel like joining in!

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