Bio Beaute by NUXE | High Nutrition Hand Cream and Tinted Reparing Lip Balm Review

In my head, I had the fullest of intentions to fill the blog last week with nothing but Earth Day posts, but my work hours are now later than I am used to and when you get home at 8pm and then need to make dinner, it doesn't leave a lot of time for ENJOYABLE blogging sessions. Let's stretch out Earth Day to the end of April and call it Earth month shall we? I still have a couple more products I wanted to focus on starting with a brand that I seriously need to give more love to - Bio Beaute by NUXE! Created by president of Nuxe, Aliza Jabes, Bio Beaute by Nuxe is an ecocertified, organic generation of skincare with a focus on ingredients from the harvesting of organic fruit. I have been using a number of products over the last year and I think it's time to start sharing some reviews, results and whatnot with you!

I always have hand cream and lip balm at both my work and home desk. I find that it is only at this location that I realize how dry and/or chapped my hands and lips are! I rotate between a couple of hand creams and lip balms, but ever since I discovered that all bio Beaute products have the Eco Cert stamp of approval I have been giving them preferential treatment!

When it comes to hand cream for daily use, I generally prefer something hydrating without the grease as keyboard keys and grease do not mix. The Bio Beaute by NUXE High Nutrition Hand Cream* is made with natural cold cream, an emulsion of water and organic beeswax. Cold creams have been around for thousands of years and is one of the most classic ways to soften skin. This particular hand cream features organic sweet almond oil,
beeswax, rose water, jojoba oil and shea butter with the sweet almond oil being the most predominant scent. The scent does fade over a couple of minutes, but it can be a little strong at first.

Like the name "cold" cream implies, this hand cream feels cooling on the hands and instantly absorbs right into the skin. Definitely no greasiness here!

The Bio Beaute collection has three lip balms, two of which are tinted, but all are intended for dry or chapped lips. I have been wearing the 
Tinted Reparing Lip Balm with Raspberry Pulp* which looks so crazy dark when you are squeezing it out of the tube, but when applied to the lips evens out to a luscious berry shade (surprise, surprise). This lip balm features: tender organic apricot butter, organic shea butter, oily extract of organic peach and oily extract of organic raspberry. One thing I do have to mention is that the scent of this balm is fragrantly sweet and juicy. If this were a fragrance, I would totally buy it!

This is a non-greasy lip balm that feels a bit like a seal across the lips and actually has some great longevity for a balm at 2-3 hours with light eating and/or drinking.

Are you like me and HAVE TO HAVE hand cream and lip balm close by?

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