I am finally all caught up now with the BCD Nail Art Challenge with this week's theme being "Grey". It's a bit of a depressing colour for spring, but I promise next week's "Retro" will be filled with colour and smiley-faced emoticons! This grey gradient came from the depths of Pinterest (here) from one of my favourite nail artists, Carly Sisoka, who I consider one of the best when it comes to coming up with gradient colour combinations. When you see them you always go, "Why didn't I think of that?!"

Starting off with two coats of Barielle - U Concrete-Me, I waited until the polish was sufficiently dry and then sponged on an opaque black polish. I am using a classic nail blogger favourite, China Glaze - Liquid Leather.

I smoothed out the gradient with Ceramic Glaze - Diamond Dust* and added two matte black studs from Born Pretty while the polish was still quite wet. I have found that they stay on far longer than by "gluing" them on with top coat. Seal everything in with your favourite top coat (I am still really loving the scented ones from Rainbow Honey!) and you are done!

Check out Naomi (@bellezzabee) and Traci's (@drinkcitra) creations for this week and stay tuned for 24 more weeks of #BCDNails! Tag us if you feel like joining in!

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