EXPERIENCE | Aveda Session #6 Going a Little More Blonde and Appointments for Clean Water

I am an Aveda Vancouver Ambassador. All treatments are complimentary.

I am not the most adventurous person and those rare times where I HAVE done something "wild" have involved either a breakup or massive life moment of introspection. Going blonde marked a career change and right now I'm feeling like somewhere in the middle so at my last appointment at Aveda with Rita, who brought up the idea of going lavender(!), I asked to keep the light brown, but add some blonde bits throughout my hair just to bring back some of that brightness. Let's face it, I probably will go back to blonde eventually as I can only pull it off for so long before I'm too old.

As you can tell, not only have I been enjoying my time with Aveda and what they have done to transform my hair, but I love that Aveda also endeavors to give planet Earth as much green love as possible! Not only is their Stress line eco-certified and shampoo bottles made of recycled post-consumer materials, but this April marks the 10th anniversary of Aveda's partnership with WaterAid
WaterAid works in 37 countries with local governments to provide low-cost technologies (here) for countries in need to "harvest" water. 

Since the beginning of this partnership, Aveda Canada has raised $3.5 million dollars and this year Aveda will continue the tradition with Appointments for Clean Water on April 25th at all participating Aveda locations. On this day 100% of salon services booked will be donated to WaterAid and will feature a $5 ‘water-less’ services menu including bang trims, hand massages and styling. With Earth Day this Friday, this event could not be more well-timed so I hope all of you manage to make it in even if it's just for one of the glorious Aveda hand massages with that shampure scent!

I guess you all want to see how my hair turned out right? We did a more permanent colour this time as opposed to the demi colour and I really like it! The hints of blonde are still very visible and the colour has been wearing quite nicely. I think this is the happiest I have ever been with my hair!

After Rita wrapped up with my hair, she also gave me a quick makeup touch up with Aveda's makeup line.

Shall my hair be purple next visit? Like that eyeshadow down there?! We shall see!

Book your Appointment for Clean Water on April 25th!

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