EXPERIENCE | Sense a Rosewood Spa ft. the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Infusion Facial

I was provided a free facial in exchange for my honest review.

I feel like I am constantly being introduced to new skincare lines and as I have *hopefully* entered into my 30s with grace, my taste in skincare has changed alongside my concerns. The last two years has shown me that I really LOVE anything skin-related whether it'd be the newest product or facial treatment and lately I am all about hyaluronic acid and collagen. 

We have long been told that these two ingredients are present in many of our skincare products, but a lot of the time I am disappointed when I see how low they are on the ingredients list or when I am told that "product X" has hyaluronic acid that will go "deeper" into my skin, but is it present as a high or low molecular weight molecule? Who knows, right? This is where the Australian brand Intraceuticals caught my attention - with their 3 step hyaluronic layering skincare regime. Starting with low molecular weight HA and layering with higher molecular weights to ensure that every layer of the epidermis is soaking in HA goodness!

Initially, Intraceuticals was only available through medispas and only recently has the line been introduced into the spa world. If any of you have seen or stayed at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, it is one of the most luxurious hotels ever. I have stayed overnight on two separate occasions and it as an amazing place with equally amazing amenities - like the Sense Spa which now carries Intraceuticals and follows their protocols for Oxygen Infusion Facials. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try the more popular Rejuvenate Infusion Facial* (50min/$175 CDN), intended to give skin an instant glow, incredible hydration with HA and an instant lift. All of this with zero recovery time.

I was paranoid about being late so I arrived at Sense Spa at 9:30am where I was given a tour of the facilities and then shown to my locker which contained a robe, sandals and a bottle of water. Once I had changed, I was shown to the Relaxation Lounge where I was given a hot beverage made with black and green tea, raw honey, vanilla and spices. It smelled amazing and I am pretty sure I finished it all in one gulp! I was also given a hot hand towel that had been soaked in essential oils which I need to start doing at home because it was so soothing!

The Rejuvenate Infusion Facial is an oxygen facial, which is a non-invasive facial where oxygen is delivered directly to the skin via compressed air. This was my first time getting an oxygen facial so I had no idea what to expect. Marisa, my spa therapist, for the morning warned me that I would feel cold, but that it was oddly soothing. In addition to oxygen, an intensely hydrating Intraceuticals serum, containing low molecular weight HA, would also be delivered to the skin. The actual delivery device looks like an airbrush pen with a little well on top for the serum to sit in.

Marisa started by double cleansing with a Clarisonic which was very interesting to me as this was definitely something I have never seen in a spa environment before! As a bonus add-on, I also had on my face the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Eye and Lip Masks which are filled with hydrolyzed collagen. 
After a few extractions, the actual oxygen part began! It basically felt like cold air being blown onto my face and while it began as a funny sensation, I felt myself relax as Marisa did every inch of my face. After doing half of my face, she asked me if I felt a difference and truth be told, I didn't really feel a difference until she gently flicked my cheeks and right away, the side with the infusion bounced back like one of those vending machine bouncy balls! The side without the treatment may as well have belonged to a corpse by comparison. The effects were IMMEDIATE!

Post facial glow!

Once the treatment was finished and the masks removed, my lips felt like they were sticking out. Definitely fuller to the point that even my husband noticed! Marisa also advised me to drink lots of water over the next three days as that would be how long I would continue to see the results for. I have never been good about drinking my 8 glasses of water because I just cannot stand getting up to go the bathroom every 30 minutes, but as I have these two days off, I have been guzzling water like there is no tomorrow so that I can keep everything full and bouncy!

What is nice about this type of treatment is that you can literally be getting married a few hours later and your skin will be ready for makeup application as there is no redness and your hair is still perfect. Usually with regular facials, your hair usually gets product in it and is pretty much only good as a ponytail afterwards. If you have sensitive skin, oxygen facials are perfect as they are gentle, but can give the results of much more invasive procedures at least initially. Obviously if you want fuller lips for longer than three days this treatment will not give you that. When I asked how often this type of facial can be done, Marisa said about once a month which is personally too often for me as this is a incredibly luxurious treatment, but I could only see myself getting this done again for very special occasions!

The actual experience at Sense Spa was wonderful though and I now have my eye on the Canadian Maple Pedicure! I think the next time I definitely want to take a friend because I was kind of lonely in the Relaxation Lounge. My first experience with Intraceuticals was a positive one and I will have reviews of their eye and lip mask coming shortly! I wanted to try the entire line in full for a few weeks as part of my home care regime, but unfortunately all of the travel kits were sold out. I guess I will just have to wait for now, but their skincare is on the expensive side with moisturizers and serums retailing anywhere from $160-$200 CDN. The HA layering system sounds promising and I look forward to learning more about the brand this year, but if you want a taste and feel like indulging yourself a little, book an appointment with the lovely ladies at Sense Spa!

Visit Sense Spa at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia for your Intraceuticals facial treatment.

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