HAIR | Orofluido Zen Control Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir Review

I never used to have a beauty ritual for my hair, but now that my hair is both very long and coloured, it is essential that I take care of it or it will become unmanageable. Back in December of last year, I received a package from a brand called Orofluido, under the Revlon Professional umbrella of brands with a basis in ancient beauty secrets from Asia. I really wasn't sure what to think, but because the Zen Control line appears to be targeted at women of Asian decent (it's really for anyone with dry, frizzy, coarse and brittle hair), I figured I'd step up and lend my Asian mane to the review process!

Orofluido Zen Control Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir

Firstly, the somewhat cheesy Asian-themed packaging was something I could have done without because I don't really know WHO it is supposed to appeal to. Asian people won't really go for it and non-Asian people might just be confused. Packaging aside, the Orofluido Zen Control line contains tsubaki or camellia oil and rice oil that historically has nourished and made hair feel more smooth

The Zen Control Shampoo* was not enough moisture for my dry scalp even though my hair wasn't as prone to flyaways when I did use it for a week. I know you're probably wondering how I know the shampoo wasn't working for me and that is because I swapped out the shampoo for a shampoo that I KNEW worked for my scalp and continued using the Zen Control Conditioner*. Lo and behold, my scalp was fine. I cannot deal with a dry scalp so for the remainder of my testing month, I only used the conditioner and the elixir. I definitely noticed less frizziness, but at the expense of a slight decrease in the volume of my hair. I found that I had to use dry shampoo to give a push to my roots even when my hair was freshly washed. 

Orofluido Zen Control Shampoo and Conditioner

The Zen Control Elixir* is an oil that looks like it will be slightly too thick, but like most hair oils, a little goes a long way. The bottle is glass which makes this product look quite luxurious as opposed to the packaging of the shampoo and conditioner. I apply it at night and then wake up in the morning with shinier hair so out of this trio, the Elixir was by far my favourite! This can be used as a thermal and UV protector and can be applied on both damp and dry hair before and after styling. The scent is also so glorious to the point where I would rub the excess on my skin! 

Orofluido Zen Control Elixir

Final verdict: My recommendation from the Zen Control line would be the Elixir as the shampoo definitely did not work for me and while the conditioner worked, it did not work well enough for me to keep using either.  

So far, I have only been able to find this brand at various online retailers, but if any of you know retail store that sell Orofluido please let me know!        

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