HAIR | Remington T|Studio™ PROtect Straightener Review with Before and After Hair!

I don't know about you, but have gone through quite a number of straighteners in my life. I started using a straightener when I was 17, but it straightened "safely" with steam. Sure, it worked for the most part, but when it came to frizziness, forget about it. Steam just didn't cut it. I bought my trusty GHD flat iron last year during the Sephora VIB sale more for curling my hair than straightening it and though the GHD does a good job of giving me slick straight hair, I usually take extra care to add in some sort of oil or other conditioning treatment afterwards so that my hair doesn't snap like straw.

Last year at the London Drugs event, we witnessed the debut of an incredibly cool new hair straightener from Remington called the T|Studio PROtect. Ioulia from the Real Housewives of Vancouver was the spokesmodel that night and I must admit that I fangirled a little bit when I asked to take a photo with her. The other thing I noticed was how nice her hair looked even though it had been continually curled and straightened for most of the evening!

So, what makes THIS straightener so much better than what's out there? Not only will this straighten your hair, but it re-hydrates the hair with "vapour infusion technology" as it straightens so that frizz is eliminated and a sleek finish achieved in just one pass. I always try REALLY hard not to go over a section twice, but sometimes if I have slept on my hair funny the kinks are hard to get out! 

Though this straightener appears to have wide ceramic plates, they are in fact only 1 inch wide which is fairly standard. 

The vapour infusion technology works by filling this reservoir with distilled water and pressing the circular activation button on the top of the straightener to release a continuous cool, micro vapor that treats hair while styling. Make sure it's distilled water you put in as the minerals in tap water can clog up the mechanism! As a bonus, use the included macadamia oil treatment to give hair a mega dose of hydration. I pretty much use this exclusively for my colour-treated hair because it just makes my hair feel so much softer!

Heat settings are controlled on the side with red dots lighting up on the top of the straightener to indicate how hot the plates are. The maximum heat setting is 450°F which is equivalent to the one heat setting on the GHD. Though I love my GHD, this is one thing I wish it had - the ability to change the temperature. Also, left this on by accident? Don't worry because this thing shuts off after 60 minutes!

Can you tell me on which side I have used the T|Studio™ PROtect™ Straightener? Pretty awesome, right? My hair is relatively straight when long so it is overall fairly no fuss to straighten, but even just the texture of my hair felt so much more healthy after using this! If you have curlier hair and would like to see someone with just as much success with this straightener as I have had, check out Sarah's hair (here) from Workaday Beauty!

Final verdict: Dayummnnn! This baby is nice! At $94.99 CDN this is on the upper end of the Remington price point, but I feel like it performed equally if not slightly better than my GHD. This was especially the case when I used the macadamia conditioning treatment in the reservoir instead of just water, but I only wish the treatment was available in Canada. This works just fine with distilled water and if you have extremely dry hair like I do, constant moisture is necessary. It even smooths out those pillow kinks in one pass! For those days I want to keep my hair sleek, smooth and silky, I reach for this!

The Remington T|Studio PROtect Straightener is available here at London Drugs!

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