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I will be honest that I did not realize it was Father's Day this weekend until Friday night. I had taken these photos 3 weeks ago thinking I had oodles of time to talk about them and then bam, this week I worked four 10 hour days in a row and I found myself falling asleep the minute I came home! Thankfully, both my husband and I have been testing out these Lush Father's Day treats the last couple of weeks because let's face it, what's mine is his and what's his is mine!  

Lush Father's Day Review

One thing that all men have to do is shave or at least groom their facial hair. My husband used to be clean shaven and from what he has told me, shaving every day can be extremely irritating to the skin and I remembered how red and angry his skin would get with every shave. A couple of years ago, he started growing out a beard and his skin got so much better. Now, it just comes down to shaving the cheeks and keeping the beard nice and short. Initially, I didn't think I'd be okay with a beard, but when he started growing it out, I was like "Oh! It suits you!"

When it comes to shaving, Lush has a couple of products that we have both been enjoying because  
of their scent and textures. Exfoliation is SUPER important when it comes to prepping for a good shave as my husband has learned from watching me apply both physical and chemical exfoliants to my face. The Smuggler's Soul Facial Scrub* ($8.95/45g) is a sandalwood-scented, physical scrub that I reviewed last year (here) and loved! Though this limited edition, it looks like it will be coming back every year so all is not lost if your local Lush is sold out of this! This scrub is SUPER dense and filled with rounded bamboo stem granules to effectively exfoliate the skin. The scrub medium is almost balm-like with argan oil, olive oil and shea butter to ensure skin stays hydrated and smooth. This is also a dense scrub so you don't need to rub too vigorously or use it too often (2-3x/week is probably plenty for most skin types). Note that this scrub and the other two shaving smoothies are not paraben-free, so as always I leave it up to you!   

Lush Father's Day Review

The Dirty Shaving Cream* ($13.95 CDN/100g) was my favourite smelling product with scents of oat milk and lavender. This is intended to be a soothing, calming shave cream made for "stubbly
chins and shins" so anyone prone to redness after a shave would really love this. The only thing with such a creamy product is that when I was shaving my legs, my razor would get gummed up with cream so lots of rinsing between passes was necessary.

The Five O'Clock Whistle Shaving Smoothie* ($12.95 CDN/90g) is similar to the shave cream and is a coffee and lavender decoction or extraction that works to invigorate, but keep skin smooth and irritation-free. It is just as creamy as it looks, but I just wish it smelled more like coffee.

Lush Father's Day Review

The Dirty Springwash Shower Gel* ($21.95CDN/250mL) is so cool. Literally, this shower gel is cool because it contants both spearmint and menthol crystals! This would be a fantastic post-workout, morning wake up call or hot summer days shower gel because it really wakes you up and feels incredibly refreshing!

I wanted the Stairway to Heaven Soap* ($5.95 CDN/100g) because the photo showed a guitar molded onto the bar, but it all comes down to luck as Lush soaps are made in those giant cheese wheels so not every piece is as interesting as the others. Though this glycerin and coconut oil-based soap look and sound yummy with bergamot oil, starfruit puree and calming rose absolute, I wasn't a huge fan of the scent. It was pleasant enough, but the addition of the rose seemed to not do it for me.

My husband's favourites were the Dirty Springwash Shower Gel and Smuggler's Soul Facial Scrub! Hope everyone is having a great Father's Day with their loved ones!    

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