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It's a bit weird to say, but I've never actually had a real "Tata Harper Facial". Having worked for the company in the past, I would GIVE mini facials and use the products myself, but I never had an official facial experience until last month at Collective Skin Care in honor of the Tata Harper Total Complexion Reset Treatment launched just this month. This is a 100% natural multi-acid peel containing 22 high performance ingredients that evens and brightens skin tone all without a stitch of pain, redness or having to hide in your house all day. In fact, the only day I could do this was the day I had a meeting with the VP of my work right after the facial. I had THAT much trust in Tata that my face would not be the colour of a tomato when I got back!

Collective Skin Care is just upstairs from Beauty Mark in Yaletown and was super easy to get to using the Canada Line. This was my first time going to see Kathryn Sawers, owner and esthetician, of Collective Skin Care and also master face massager according to Solo Lisa (she was right)!

Knowing that I was about to undergo some intense exfoliation, I did not exfoliate a few days prior to the treatment. This particular treatment is quite special as this is a two step multi-acid facial beginning with a Refining Solution containing AHAs and PHAs (poly hydroxy acids) followed by a Renewing Solution containing BHA (from willow bark). I had not heard of PHAs before, but these effectively work the same way as AHAs. Since the molecules are larger they aren't quite as aggressive meaning they are less sensitizing to the skin.

AHAs can be naturally derived from fruit, milk, nuts and sugars and are wonderful at exfoliation and stimulating cell turnover giving brighter looking skin. PHAs help to increase skin tensile strength and have antioxidant benefits while providing light chemical exfoliation. BHA is the "pore cleaner" as it is the ONLY acid that is able to get down into the pore and clean out the crap. With these two treatment steps, your skin will honestly be rebooted in the best way!

I tried REALLY hard to stay alert during the actual facial, so I will write down the highlights! Starting with 3 deep breaths of Tata's Aromatic Stress Treatment, which I used to begin my mini facials with as well, Kathryn performed a double cleanse of my skin with the Nourishing Oil Cleanser and the Refreshing Cleanser (I can detect that scent anywhere!). Kathryn warned me that the treatment might sting a bit and that there were going to be three "passes" of refining and renewing acids - each pass would be a bit more intense, but I could stop if I was too uncomfortable.

The acids were applied to my face with what I remember to be a brush and cool air was blown across my face to ease the stinging, but on the first pass there was virtually no discomfort. Each layer was left on the skin so by the time the third pass came around, I could feel my cheeks burning as they are my most sensitive area. The discomfort is very tolerable though and knowing that it was normal was mentally quite helpful!

Once Kathryn removed the acids, my skin immediately felt more normal. A little "fresh" feeling, but totally fine. I had recently had a facial about 3 weeks prior so when it was time for extractions, there wasn't really too much to extract. After this came a glorious facial massage with rose quartz which I have always wanted to have done! The quartz was cooling and soothing and I am pretty sure I zoned out completely at this point! After the facial, I was layered up with Concentrated Brightening Essence, Brightening Serum, Boosted Contouring Eye Mask and moisturizer.

The first thing I needed to see was what my skin looked like because even though it was a natural treatment, it FELT pretty intense, but in a good way though! It felt like my skin had truly been reset and when I looked in the mirror there wasn't a bit of redness on my face. Not even on my sensitive cheeks! Though my skin was a little sticky from the products, you couldn't tell that I had a chemical peel done because I was just luminous! I went back to work and my boss commented that my skin looked "clear and fresh". My co-workers had known that I was getting a facial and could not believe that I had had a chemical peel done because my skin looked so good! The best part of it all is that my skin stayed looking good for days. Like no foundation good.

Final verdict: I've never had a natural treatment feel so effective before so if you are a green beauty lover, but want the results of what you'd get at a Medispa, this Complexion Reset Treatment is fan-freakin-tastic!

Thank you to the team at Tata Harper and Kathryn of Collective Skin Care for this experience! Collective Skin Care will offering 2 Tata Harper Total Complexion Reset Treatments: the Complete Radiance Revive Treatment for 60 minutes ($195) and the Radiance Uplift Treatment for 30 minutes ($70). For the most dramatic results, a series of 6 Radiance Uplift treatments is available.

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