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Typically, summer looks are all about fairly neutral shades because it's all about showcasing that bronzed goddess glow. It's kind of nice because I feel like I can be a bit lazier in the summer months because heavy foundation and eye makeup just don't feel comfortable. I have already been living in ultra light foundation with SPF this month and it feels pretty good to be wearing less on my face. One thing I rarely do in the summer is pull out colour so when I saw that the new collection from Mary Kay focused on emerald jewel tones I was intrigued as to how I could make it work because I can definitely say that I have never thought of green as a summer shade!

Mary Kay Summer Makeup Collection Review

I feel like this year's summer collection is smaller than previous years, but maybe there is more to come? The heart-shaped Baked Cheek Powder isn't really part of what I will be showcasing today, but is something I just wanted to add to the family photo because they are just too cute!

This year Mary Kay has turned to Global Beauty Ambassador, Luis Casco, for tips on how to up your makeup for summer! Obviously, Luis says that while women are skeptical of colour this "Summer Time Jewel Look" aims to get you comfortable with pops of colour with a neutral base. I love colour, but I definitely save it for the blog instead of work or other daily outings.

Mary Kay Summer Makeup Collection Review

Mary Kay's Gel Semi-Matte Lipsticks were one of the first lipsticks I had tried that had a more matte texture and are definitely more comfortable than wearing a straight-up matte lipstick. You can see that there is a hint of creaminess on my lips, but by no means is it matte and/or drying. Mauve Moment* is the colour of choice for this look and I can see why it was chosen because while being pigmented, it is incredibly neutral and easy to wear for anyone.

Mary Kay Summer Makeup Collection Review

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to comment on my difficulties with the colours in this palette because while the neutral matte Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colours in Sweet Cream and Hazelnut* ($9.00 CDN) were smooth and just like all other Mary Kay shadows I have used, the featured shade Emerald* was incredibly difficult to work with. I used a brush, fingers and even dug out a corner and mixed it with water all to say that I could barely get any pigment out so I was quite sad. What you see in these photos is A LOT of work to get that green shimmer to show up on my lids at all.  

Mary Kay Summer Makeup Collection Review

Thankfully, these mineral eye colours can be purchased separately, but getting them in this specially curated bundle is $89 as opposed to the individual pricing of $97. I would swap out Emerald for a different shade though. The Mineral Cheek Colour in Sunny Spice* ($13.00 CDN) is what I would consider a fusion of blush and contour as it matte in finish with more warmth than a traditional blush. I quite liked it, but wanted a bit of shimmer on my cheek bones which is why I ended up pulling out one of the baked heart blushes. I need them cheekbones!

Mary Kay Summer Makeup Collection Review

The Mary Kay Eyeliner* ($16.00 CDN) is a skinny, pigmented and long-wearing eyeliner that I didn't think I would like as much as I did! It was super smooth and my waterline did not smudge for hours which is pretty unusual for me as THAT is my seemingly greasy area even with primer.

Mary Kay Summer Makeup Collection Review

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 20 Beige

Apply Mary Kay Eye Primer all over the lid and under eyes.
Apply Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour in Sweet Cream* all over the lid all the way up to orbital bone.
Apply Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour in Hazelnut* on brow bone and blend.
Apply Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour in Emerald* all over the lid with fingers and pat for more colour intensity.
Line lower waterline with Mary Kay Eyeliner in Black*.
Apply black liquid liner to upper lash line using the Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black*
Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. I'm using Zorah's Pure Argan Volumizing Mascara*.
Apply lashes if you'd like. I am using some new ones from Esqido in the style Silhouette*.

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Colour in Sunny  Spice*
Mary Kay Baked Cheek Powder in Giving Heart*

Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick in Mauve Moment*

Final verdict: I wasn't sure if green would go with my hair colour, but it didn't turn out too badly! I was disappointed with the performance of Emerald, but I understand the thought behind the look and will try it with perhaps a blue eyeshadow?

The products for the Summer Time Jewel Look are available through your Mary Kay representative.

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