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I'm allowed to squeeze in one more Father's Day related post right? In my Sephora days, I was always one of the reps that because of being blogger, I knew more about products than the brand reps themselves and had the opportunity to try most of the products people were curious about. When clients would come and ask for comparisons between eye creams of five different brands, there weren't many brand reps who could honestly say that they had tried all five! It made me a better seller and allowed me to really connect blogging to the real world. It's something I really miss and maybe one day I will get a chance to do that sort of thing again.

One brand that I ALWAYS showed to men or women shopping for men was Anthony as it was one of the few luxury beauty brands that catered to men. Skincare knows no boundaries when it comes to gender, but men often prefer succinct and straightforward packaging. If a women purchases a product for a man, she wants to get him something that he isn't afraid to use or ashamed to display on the bathroom counter. In addition to some serious skincare (vitamin C and anti-aging peptide serums) that is appealing to even ME, Anthony also has some really nice shave products with built-in skincare benefits. If you are trying to find both a useful AND luxurious gift for a man in your life, but can't quite decide what, the Anthony Perfect Shave Kit* ($77.00 CDN) features full sizes of all your shaving essentials. Again, these are not travel sizes, but full sizes of product giving this kit a value $121 if the products had been purchased separately!

Anthony Shave Kit Review

I should note that when I had a look at the ingredients list of all of these products on the Sephora website, parabens were listed which I believe must be an old list because the products I have are all free of: parabens, glycols, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, triclosan, silk amino acids and GMOs. I'm not sure the reason for not having the silk amino acids...I've never heard of something like this before so I will need to do a bit more research.

The first step to a perfect shave is to cleanse and exfoliate the skin and what better way to do it than with this 2 in 1 Glycolic Facial Cleanser! This is for all skin types and is a non-foaming cleanser that cleans with a coconut oil-based surfactant and exfoliates with glycolic acid. I was very pleased to see glycolic acid as the fifth ingredient and at a percentage of 4.9%! Hubby loved this cleanser for its soothing properties and subtle citrus scent. It did not sting even when I tried it a few times. If you cannot get your man to wrap his mind around exfoliating, this cleanser is going to be awesome for him!

Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser Review

After cleansing comes the Pre-Shave Oil that is meant to soften both skin and that coarse beard hair. Reading this list of oils in this concoction makes my mouth water as this is made of olive oil, castor oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, orange peel oil and soybean oil all combined with calendula to soothe and vitamin E to condition. My husband looooves this oil and he doesn't like a lot of beard oils so I was quite surprised to hear him shouting his positive observations from our bathroom!

Anthony Pre Shave Oil Review

Next comes the actual business of shaving! The Anthony Shave Cream is for all skin types and like a lot of men's products smells very minty and feels cool to the skin. It has a coconut oil base so only a thin layer is needed for a good shave. This 177mL tube is going to go a long way which is perfect if you're a guy that needs to shave almost every day. Hubby wasn't a fan of this ONLY because he likes a big foamy lather and this just wasn't big on lather.

Anthony Shave Cream Review

Anthony Shave Cream Review

Anthony Shave Cream Review

Lastly, since shaving a beard is incredibly irritating, you need to soothe the skin right away to reduce razor burn and redness. The Anthony After Shave Balm contains allantoin and bisabolol both of which reduce inflammation. This feels more like a lightweight moisturizer than an actual oily balm and if you have oilier skin, this can be used as your moisturizer! It also has an incredibly botanical scent that is quite pleasant.

Anthony After Shave Balm Review

Anthony After Shave Balm Review

Final verdict: I remember how surprised I was that there were some serious skincare products out there for men when I came across Anthony and it's nice to see effective anti-aging products being marketed for men though I still try hard to get people to realize that there isn't a hard line between men and ladies skincare. This kit is a great taste of what Anthony to offer though the Essential Traveler Kit is also a good option for someone looking to try their skincare specifically.

The Perfect Shave Kit is available now at Sephora and www.anthony.com

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