NAILS | *NEW* Going 10 Free with Maison Jacynthe Nail Polish in Napoli

Hello, One Coater! That's right, the newest innovation from Canadian green beauty company Maison Jacynthe is nail polish! We all know and love their makeup and skincare so I was seriously asking "Is it here yet?" every week leading up to the launch! The shades released are all solid creme colours and though I was only sent three of the 12 shades, all three were one coaters! What you see in the photos below is a glorious one coat of the shade Napoli*

Maison Jacynthe Nail Polish in Napoli

I won't call this manicure "negative space" after being massively attacked on Reddit for using the term more loosely the way the nail art blogging community uses it so I will just call it "taping". I started off by using the Maison Jacynthe Base Coat* and then doing my best to freehand a relatively straight line by painting half of my nail in ONE COAT (I cannot get over that) of Napoli. After waiting a few minutes for the polish to dry, I carefully placed metallic blue striping tape from Born Pretty in a "T" pattern to create one of my favourite types of nail art!

Maison Jacynthe Nail Polish in Napoli

I sealed everything in with the new Maison Jacynthe Top Coat* which was a little on the watery side so try not to pick up too much product as I found my cuticles at times overflowing with top coat.

Maison Jacynthe Nail Polish in Napoli

Overall, I adore these polishes! The formula is outstanding and the brush is long and slightly curved so that it curves along with the shape of the nail bed. You will see more of these polishes on my nails because they even smell better than "regular" polishes and by better, I mean not quite as toxic smelling when you accidentally inhale while being right next to your nail! Nail polish is never going to be 100% natural if you want the longevity, but I sure appreciate companies that try!

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